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‘Kohli Good But Dhoni & Kapil Better Captains’ Sanjay Manjrekar Ends The Debate Forever



Former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar named MS Dhoni as one of the country's greatest captains, claiming that his record in ICC events is unmistakable. While Virat Kohli is a good player in his own right, Manjrekar believes that Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly, and Sunil Gavaskar were better captains and game leaders.

Explaining his criterion for judging how good or bad a player’s captaincy is or was, the former batter said that he determined it based on “international cricket and also on ICC events”. He further added that these two are the places where a man’s leadership and experience are truly tested and put on the line. Based on his analysis, MS Dhoni passed the mark with flying colours.

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Manjrekar praised Kohli for his never-say-die mentality, saying that he led by example and that there are many things to like about him and the way he does business.

A player of 37 international Tests under his belt, Manjrekar says that he respects Virat Kohli for being able to lead by example during his tenure as the captain. He even gave the example of the Wanderers Test match where Kohli refused to quit even though the chances of winning were completely slammed and shattered into pieces. 

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“He (Kohli) said that we want to win this despite a pitch that could have killed somebody. That kept India’s morale high. That is what you get with Virat Kohli, the never-say-die attitude,” added Manjrekar in a conversation with CNN-News18.

Comparing Kohli to Kapil, Dhoni, and Ganguly, the former India batsman went on to say that it would be unjust not to include Dhoni because of his ICC record, while the other two took up the captaincy at a crucial moment in Indian cricket.

It would be unjust to leave Dhoni out of any conversation about all-time greats. At a period when there was a global inferiority complex, Kapil Dev stood out. After the match-fixing episode, Saurav Ganguly led India to a few international victories. Sunil Gavaskar is also a legendary athlete and leader. When one lives in a time when there are several platforms, the hype is amplified. 

However, Indian cricket did not begin only a decade ago, it has been prevalent in the world for quite some time. These are men who, according to Manjrekar, have been greater captains than Virat Kohli, who has excelled in his own right.

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