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Here’s How You Can Become India’s Next Big Pop Sensation With Season 2 Of Smule 123 Riyaaz



Here’s How You Can Become India’s Next Big Pop Sensation With Season 2 Of Smule 123 Riyaaz

There’s a singer in all of us, and often we tend to shy away from letting our voice be heard beyond a few chosen ones. But you know what? Perhaps it’s time to show the world what you’ve got - let others enjoy the gift you have as well! Become India's next big music icon! 

Following last season’s success, iDiva’s Smule 123 Riyaaz, is finally back for its second rendition with brand new mentors. The digital reality singing contest is a great opportunity to become the nation’s biggest digital popstar!  

Watch the trailer below to see the excitement awaiting all participants!

 For season 2 of Smule 123 Riyaaz, the participants are going to be mentored by three of India’s biggest singing sensations - Aastha Gill, Amaal Malik, and Lisa Mishra

aastha gill , lisa mishra , amaal malik © iDiva

How does it work?

What makes Smule 123 Riyaaz the most exciting talent hunt is the fact that it is India’s first-ever digital-only singing reality show. No more endless participation lines or lengthy participation forms for your moment to shine. No need to blindly travel across cities looking for a lucky break. You can participate in it from the comfort of your home. All you need is to download the Smule app.  

lisa mishra © iDiva

There will be new challenges every 10 days, and the contestants will have to put their best foot forward for each hurdle to be crowned that week’s winners. Thanks to the interactive format of the show, now the contestants get to sing/duet with the tribe’s mentors on the Smule app,

Amaal Malik © iDiva

Because a new challenge comes out every 10 days, which means, unlike other singing reality shows where contestants get just the one chance to shine, with Smule 123 Riyaaz you get to submit your best entries. That’s right, you can keep recording and improving your entries till you are satisfied with your performance, as long as it's within the deadline. 

Usually, talent shows of such scale have a single winner at the end of the campaign. However, here you have a higher chance of winning because there are three winners chosen each week. So at the end of six weeks, 18 lucky winners across the different challenges will be featured in an original music video with the celebrity mentors! 

smule 123 riyaaz © iDiva

Keeping all things in mind, if music is your calling then you definitely cannot miss this chance of letting your talent shine in the limelight. Not only do you get the chance to put your voice out there, but you also get to work and train alongside industry insiders. So, would you be participating? Let us know in the comments.

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