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Rihanna's Spicy New Line Of Lingerie For Men Ahead Of Valentine’s Day Is Making Women 'Wet'



Whether it is her birthday, your anniversary or something as commercial as Valentine's Day, a man would always have a thousand options to pick from when it comes to gift-giving to his girl. However, when the tables are turned, men are hardly ever presented with something that would really excite them on the occasion, case in point - racy lingerie. 

A problem that was recently solved by singer and businesswoman Rihanna, who launched a bold and exciting collection of lingerie for men, just in time for Valentine's day. 

Men are getting a Valentine's makeover, thanks to Rihannahttps://t.co/BxEJE7gUjX

— JOE (@JOE_co_uk) January 28, 2022

These pictures made me feel things. pic.twitter.com/VD1Ws23vPu

— Patricia Star (@BlueMichu) January 18, 2022

A collection of mesh tank tops, crop tops, satin boxers, harnesses and whatnot, Savage X Fenty lingerie collection for men is a step towards normalising beauty, fashion and feeling sexy for men, as much as it is for women. In the words of the brand, this collection is one that ‘celebrates fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity’.

The popular singer’s website claims, “We want you to feel sexy and have fun doing it. With offerings ranging from everyday basics to more provocative pieces - Savage X Fenty is lingerie for everyone.” 

Finally, masculine lingerie

— Prodigy's Lawyer (@KingsEffect) January 18, 2022

Sheesh pic.twitter.com/dcdLQv1JiI

— Scott Langston Hughes (@blaqzart) January 18, 2022

Oh yasssss I neeeeed

— Ol' Saint Thicc (@ThiccsMcgee) January 18, 2022

With sizes that go from XS to 3XL, the gender and body-inclusive campaign for Valentine’s day is driving people crazy, especially the women who are desperate to see their men in this raunchy new line of lingerie. Guess, role-play really will be on the table, thanks to Rihanna.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter are calling it all the rage as they praise the brand for actually ‘listening’. 

One user wrote, “Immediately. My man needs to wear this IMMEDIATELY!!”, while another one wrote, “Finally, masculine lingerie.”

Immediately. My man needs to wear this IMMEDIATELY!! pic.twitter.com/GyXJ9abTl8

— the depressed yet happy black girl (@the_dyhbg2) January 19, 2022

Looking at that crop top like pic.twitter.com/4rnc6v3xy4

— Ger May Knee (@JavierNeal6) January 18, 2022

Men, are you struggling with ideas for Valentine's Day?
Rihanna's got you covered with her new range of lingerie for men! pic.twitter.com/VTxvBWKwWr

— Jo and Sparky (@joandsparky) January 31, 2022

Rihanna really set it off with this men’s lingerie pic.twitter.com/JOJoYqHlnU

— glockiana (@richardwilkenjr) October 6, 2021

Rihanna: *releases skincare and lingerie line*

Men: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Rihanna: https://t.co/RHCKC9TeaC

— benjamin dean (@NotAgainBen) September 25, 2020

People who went through the collection also called it, “‘really cute”, as another user commented, “Let me tell y’all something... @SavageXFenty mens underwear…TOP TIER!!! So damn comfortable and fly. My collection is definitely getting full! #SavagexFenty.” 

Source: Ladbible 

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