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‘Impossible To Lead Without BCCI’s Support’: Bhajji Explains Why Kohli Must Have Resigned



Leading your national team is a dream for any cricketer. It’s a moment of great pride when a player walks out of the tunnel with an added responsibility of creating a difference through his decisions.

It’s a dream that most players want to accomplish but only a select few are able to live this dream. Because apart from your leadership skills, there are several other external factors that determine whether you would get to lead the side or not.

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Despite being a true match-winner, not many players get to live this dream. The reason being, in India, we don’t see much chopping and changing in the leadership position, that usually happens in other countries quite often.

Well… wait. At least this was the case until about a couple of years ago.

In the last five-six months, we have seen Virat Kohli’s captaincy tenure ending on a sour note, after his alleged fallout with the BCCI president Sourav Ganguly.

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Given his impeccable captaincy record, if there was one player who didn’t deserve to be treated like this it was Kohli. But then again, this whole episode made us realise how external factors play an important role while stats take a back seat.

Ever since Kohli has resigned, fans and experts have been quietly moaning about the unfair treatment dished out to him by the BCCI officials but not many have publicly addressed the main reason behind his unceremonious departure.

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Everyone knows how important it is for a captain to be in the good books of the BCCI office bearers because without their support you can’t carry on for long.

It doesn’t matter if your name is Virat Kohli. It doesn’t matter if you are the most successful Indian skipper of all-time.

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For many still wondering what led to Kohli’s resignation from Test captaincy, you should read Harbhajan Singh’s reasoning as to why he didn’t become India’s captain despite being one of the senior most members in the squad.

The ‘Turbanator’ said that he had all the qualities to be a leader but he didn’t enjoy the same backing from the BCCI that many other players did. He perhaps was referring to MS Dhoni who enjoyed a father-son relationship with the then BCCI chief N Srinivaan.

The veteran off-spinner said that to become a captain, it was important to have strong connections inside the BCCI but he didn’t have that.

Harbhajan Singh © Reuters

“That is also an achievement that no one talks about - my captaincy. I didn’t know anyone in the BCCI; someone who could push my case because it is required (for national captaincy). If you are not among the favourites of someone (powerful), you don’t get such honours. But, let’s leave that topic. I know I was capable enough (to lead) as we used to guide a lot of captains,” Harbhajan told News18 in an interview.

Sourav Ganguly © Reuters

Coming back to Kohli, his fate was sealed the day he decided to contradict the all-powerful BCCI president out in the open during an explosive press conference.

Ask any fan, they would tell you the same thing. Kohli was indirectly forced to step down from captaincy and Bhajji’s reasoning just corroborates that.

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