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Vir Das Pens Desi Version Of ‘If I Were Your Mother’ Poem To Putin & People Are Divided




Unless you are living under a rock, you would know about the Russian-Ukrainian crisis that has shaken up the world right now. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to invade Ukraine is being condemned by several global leaders and spectators. Among them are some creative minds who are expressing their disapproval through a new and rather controversial social media trend.

Vir Das Pens Desi Version Of ‘Poem To Putin’ © iStock

It’s the poem title ‘Sorry That I Was Not Your Mother’ which Indian comedian Vir Das too jumped on the bandwagon and penned a desi version of the poem and the people on the internet find it part hilarious and part problematic. 

Vir Das © Instagram/Vir Das

In the poem, he gives the gist of how desi children are raised and what would happen if Putin too was raised by an “Indian mum”.

Read it here.

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For those who do not know, actress, activist and amateur Twitter poet, AnnaLynne McCord started this social media trend when she recited a poem in a video post addressing Putin. 

The poem suggests that the Russian-Ukrainian war wouldn’t have happened if the President was raised better. 

Dear Mister President Vladimir Putin… pic.twitter.com/LbDFBHVWJf

— AnnaLynne McCord (@IAMannalynnemcc) February 24, 2022

This is problematic because this puts the blame on Putin’s mother for his beliefs and actions, which is what society tends to do—hold women responsible for men’s actions! 

It received a lot of flak from people on the internet with some saying it was done in a bad taste, while others said it was unfair and unacceptable to not only drag his mother into it but also blame her upbringing for the conflict. 

Vladimir Putin © Reuters

However, it became a social media trend for those who were amused to slam Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. Vir Das’s take on the trend too received mixed reactions from his followers. 

Here is what they said.

Vir Das Pens Desi Version Of ‘Poem To Putin’ © Instagram/Vir Das

Vir Das Pens Desi Version Of ‘Poem To Putin’ © Instagram/Vir Das

While a war between two countries is not funny and making memes or joke on the subject is highly insensitive, this satire by Vir Das sounds like it’s more targeted on desi parenting than Putin. Doesn’t it?

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