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Alita - Battle Angel 2019

IMDb: 7.6/10 Genre : Action, Science Fiction, Thriller, Romance Director : Robert Rodriguez Stars : Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Ed Skrein, Mahershala Ali, Jennifer Connelly LANGUAGE: Hindi (Cleaned) – English Quality: 720p HD-Camrip PLOT: Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms, and must use their wits to survive.
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Make Women's Day Special For Bae With These 5 Budget-Friendly Steps

Women's Day is just round the corner, and I'm sure all you men out there are set to woo your lady love with extravagant candlelight dinners and expensive wines and larger-than-life bouquet of flowers, just to show your affection for her. 

But wake up, that's not what she wants. You don't need to celebrate a grandiose Women's Day date to express your love, however, you don't need to be a scrooge either. Why not look for simple and affordable ways to show your appreciation for her and celebrate in a way that doesn't break the bank? 

Here are some romantic ideas you can do on Women's Day, but on a budget:   

1. Begin Her Day With Gifts

Taco BellUnsplash

Starting the day itself with exchanging gifts is the best way to go. If your budget isn't too high, DIY the f*** out of it. Unlike popular opinion, your partner will certainly observe the amount of effort you've put in the gift rather than the amount of money you have spent. Think handmade jewellery. You can customize a piece to your partner's tastes by making it yourself. Craft stores carry beads in every shape, colour and style, along with the supplies to fashion them into necklaces, earrings, and brooches, and the Internet is flooded with videos and articles on DIY-jewellery. 

2. Set Up A Picnic In Your Living Room

Taco BellUnsplash

We are using the word 'picnic' here quite loosely. Do the regular picnic setting – lay down a blanket on your living room rug and you chitchat with your bae about nothing in particular. Turn off the lights and fire up some scented candles. Regular candles will also do. Some light music in the background will be perfection given the little cosy nest you've created in your living room. 

3. Ditch The Fancy Restaurant

Taco BellTaco Bell

Don't bother with fancy three-course meals and expensive wines to express your love. This Women's Day, there is a sweet surprise for women awaiting in all Taco Bell stores. Show her what a star she is to you, without burning a big hole in your pocket with Taco Bell's new Chickstar wrap. Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know about this already. But in case you don't, fret not!  It is basically a star-shaped wrap tossed with crispy chicken nachos, veggies and signature sauces of Taco Bell- Creamy Habanero and Nacho Cheese Sauce. "Yum in your tum?" Actually, we will leave the being cheesy with your girlfriend part to you. 

And oh, in case, either of you is vegetarian, there's a paneer version available as well. And if you're wondering how expensive this one-of-a-kind treat is, it is NOT. It will cost you ONLY Rs. 149 for the non-vegetarian wrap and Rs. 129 for the vegetarian wrap! So, rush over to your nearest stores today! 

4. Plan A Scavenger Hunt And Go Down Memory Lane

Taco BellUnsplash

Plan a scavenger hunt for her with a selection of love notes and sneak them around the house and elsewhere- her coat pockets, lunch box, her purse, etc. so she will find them during the course of the day. At the end of the hunt, you get to find old photographs and videos and watch them together and cuddle. You get the drift, don't you?

5. Gift Her A Pet!

Taco BellUnsplash

If your loved one nurtures a soft spot for animals, why not give her a pet to remind her of you, even when you're out of town? And now if you're thinking how can this option be cheap... well, ADOPT! You get to kill two birds with one stone on Women's Day this way. Not only will your girlfriend be absolutely happy to have it, but you'll also give a home to a lovely dog, cat, hell, maybe even a lizard! The choice is yours! 

Hope this guide works for you the way it has for us. Let us know.

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