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Nokia Is Bringing Back The Nostalgic 5310 Xpress Music Phone And It Has Dedicated Playback Buttons Too



HMD Global announced a bunch of new Nokia phones this week that include their new 5G phones and some budget-friendly phones using Android Go. However, the company also announced a feature phone from the past that taps into our nostalgia. For people who only need a phone to make calls, send SMS and listen to music, Nokia launched the 5310 which may sound familiar as it was launched back in the day under the Xpress music brand name. 

Nokia 5310 Xpress Music Phone Launch Soon © HMD Global

In terms of specifications, thereâs nothing really special going on here since it is a feature phone and does not have the Android operating system. It doesnât even have a touchscreen and uses the classic keypad for typing out text messages or dialling numbers. It uses the old T9 keypad and has a D-Pad for navigating menus. Finally, it has physical buttons which allows you to answer or reject calls. 

Nokia 5310 Xpress Music Phone Launch Soon © HMD Global

At the back, it has a VGA camera which might be used for taking pictures but in our opinion is mostly useless unless you really need to take a picture of something important. Being a feature phone, it doesnât have a front camera but it does come with 16GB of internal storage to store music. If you donât think that is enough, you can expand it to 32 GB.

Nokia 5310 Xpress Music Phone Launch Soon HMD Global

The phone may not be your first choice when purchasing a new one but it does have features that appeal to music lovers. For starters, it comes with dual front-facing speakers and support for wireless FM radio. It even has dedicated music playback buttons to control music from the music player. 

The Nokia 5310 costs around Rs 3,100 and there isnât much to consider if you are intending to use it as a secondary phone or a dedicated music player. The feature phone will be available to buy in Europe, later this month and is expected to launch in other regions soon after. 

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