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Rakhi Sawant Thanks Salman Khan For 'Saving Mom's Life' & People Are Like ‘Aaya Re Aaya Bodyguard’



Rakhi Sawant recently updated her fans about her mother’s health, who is undergoing treatment for cancer. Rakhi released a video message thanking Bigg Boss host Salman Khan for his help.

Rakhi expressed that her mother will have a surgery to remove a cancerous tumour on Monday and told that she has nothing to worry about. In the video, you can also see her asking her mother if she has anything to say.  

Rakhi’s mother said, "Main Salman ji ko namaskar karti hun. Mere Jesus ko hum pray karte the ki ab humare paas paisa nahi hai toh hum kya karenge, kya main aise hi mar jaungi. Par Parmeshwar ne, Jesus ne, Salman Khan ko angel banake humare jeevan mein bheja. Aur mere liye aaj Salman Khan khade rahe hain mera operation kara rahe hain. Unki puri family mere liye khadi rahi hai. Main parmeshwar ko dhanyawaad karti hun, aapko dhanyawaad karti hun (I thank Salman Khan. I used to pray to Jesus and wonder if I'll ever be saved, or if I will die like this. But my God gave me an angel in the form of Salman Khan. It is because of him and his family that I am able to get this operation done. And I thank God, and Salman)."

Check out the video here-

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Rakhi also thanked Salman saying that she saved her mother’s life. And she said in Hindi, "You have given us the world's best doctor. I pray that every household has sons like you and Sohail Khan. I thank your parents for giving my family two angels."

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Previously, Rakhi Sawant also said that Salman Khan had asked her to not reveal this publicly- the role he played in Rakhi’s mother’s treatment. She said, "Salman Khan and Sohail Bhai have done a lot for me. They always tell whatever we do there is no need to talk about it. That’s why I want to keep it personal. But yes they have helped me a lot. My other friends like Kashmera Shah also came forward to help me and I am very thankful for them."

Here’s what people on the internet have to say about this-

Rakhi Sawant Thanks Salman Khan For © Rakhi Sawant IG

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