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Ranbir Wearing A Rs 10 Lakh Watch & Rs 6 Lakh Sneakers To The Aiport Is A Boss-Level Style Move



Ranbir Kapoor has a great taste in sneakers. Time and time again, the man has been spotted wearing some of the dopest sneakers, ones, which sneakerheads all around the world can only dream of having. Clearly, the man is a hypebeast.

Ranbir Kapoor © Viral Bhayani

So infatuated is he with sneakers, that he has a guy whose sole job is to pick up that Ranbir would want to buy, as soon as some legacy pair of kicks, drops on the market. As a result, he has one of the swankiest collections of sneakers in Bollywood, if not the world.

Ranbir Kapoor © Viral Bhayani

Very recently, he gave us yet another example of just how fancy his sneaker collection is. He was recently seen at the Mumbai Airport with Alia Bhatt wearing one of the most expensive pairs of sneakers that money can possibly buy. Not just that, he actually paired his sneakers with one of the dopest watches that money can buy.

Ranbir Kapoor © Viral Bhayani

But first, let’s have a look at his outfit.

Ranbir was seen wearing a basic white coloured T-shirt, with a v-neck collar, and a pair of light washed denim, that had some really cool distress marks. We also like how he has accessorised his outfit to the T.

Ranbir Kapoor © Viral Bhayani

There are the dope-looking blue shaded sunglasses that he is wearing. We also like the white Prada backpack that he’s carrying. It goes really well with the light coloured theme that he was going for with that T-shirt and that backpack. However, all of those things fall miserably short, when you see the watch that he’s wearing.

Ranbir Kapoor © Viral Bhayani

Ranbir is seen here wearing one of his favourite watches, the Rolex Sky-Dweller. This is an exquisite timepiece that retails for about Rs 9.76 Lakhs, that is if you’re lucky enough to find one available in retail. Normally, the market price for that watch is over Rs 15 Lakhs.

watche © Rolex

Then, there are the sneakers that Ranbir is wearing. They, without a doubt, are one of the most expensive sneakers that we have ever seen a celebrity wear.

Ranbir Kapoor © Viral Bhayani

They are the Jordan 1 Retro High Dior, a pair of sneakers that was a part of a capsule collection made by Nike & Dior. Also known as the Air Dior, the sneaker had a limited production run of 8,500, which when you compare it to other Air Jordan 1s, is not that high a number.

Ssneaker © Hypebeast

Given the legacy that the sneakers have, they are expensive as heck. When it was brand new, it retailed for $2,000 or just over Rs 1.56 Lakhs. And yet, the 8500 pairs sold out within minutes of their launch.

Sneaker © Nike

Today though, they resell for anything between $7,200 & $9,000. To put it into an Indian perspective, that’s Rs 5.65 Lakhs to Rs 6.60 Lakhs.

Ranbir Kapoor © Viral Bhayani

Say what you will, the man has a dope, and an expensive taste. Kudos, Ranbir, seriously, a job well done. 

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