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3 Fruit Peels That Are Super Effective Remedies For Your Skin Woes & Work Wonders



You can hoard as many skincare products as you want but sometimes, you’d find the solutions to your skincare problems much closer home. And it’s mostly in your kitchen or pantry. 

Natural ingredients like fruits are superfoods for your skin but what you must not have known is that their leftovers are also equally good and worthy to keep. 

fruit peels for skin © iStock

Before you throw the peels of your fruits, remember that they too are packed with nutrients, fibre and skin-loving agents that can make a huge difference to your skin. 

Don’t let these skin heroes go to waste and make the most out of them by incorporating them into your skincare routine.

skincare © iStock

Here are three fruit peels that deserve a spot on your skincare shelf  (and not in the trash) because they can do wonders for your skin:

1. Banana Peel For Dry Skin


Banana deeply moisturises skin and curbs dryness. If making a mushy banana paste is too much trouble, simply use its peel for a fuss-free skincare trick. 

Wash your face and rub the fresh banana peel on it for a few minutes in a massaging motion. Wash off with a gentle face cleanser to unlock moisturised and nourished skin. 

It also heals inflammation, itching and irritation in winter.

2. Papaya Peel For Bright & Youthful Skin 

Papaya Peel For Bright & Youthful Skin © iStock

Papaya peel is a godsend for dull and ageing skin since it has an enzyme called papain which has the ability to regenerate skin cells and rejuvenate skin. 

It brightens the complexion and youthful, firm skin. Make a paste by blending the peel of unripe papaya and mixing some yoghurt and honey into it. 

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes before rinsing off.   

3. Orange Peel For Acne-Prone Skin

Orange Peel For Acne-Prone Skin © iStock

You might not know this but if you are blessed with oily and acne-prone skin, citric fruits like orange and lemon can change your skincare game. 

The peels of these fruits are no less. Simply dry out the peels and grind to get a powdered texture. Mix it with lime juice and rose water to make your own DIY scrub. 

Exfoliate with this paste to keep oil and acne at bay. 

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