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5 ‘Adult Rated’ Bollywood Movies Which Were More Awkward Than Sexy



Growing up in a world where we had no OTT platforms, YouTube or access to Cineplexes, adult rated movies obviously piqued the interest of every teenager. Once we were all grown up and access to these things became easy, a lot of people understood that it was an over hyped concept. Not all ‘A’ rated movies are classics, or tastefully made to cater to a certain section of the audience. Some films are more weird than sexy and here are 5 such films which left us quite bummed:

1. B.A Pass

The neo-noir movie was based on a short story and talks about a married woman ushering a young college boy into the world of *** and becoming a gigolo for older women. While the concept and topic was interesting, the movie lacked treatment and the *** scenes were a little weird. Full marks to Shilpa Shukla though for her bold act in the movie. Her performance was strong.

2. Girlfriend

Bollywood’s extremely bold attempt at trying its hand at Lesbian romance in an age when the India audience was not ready for it. Starring Isha Koppikar and Amrita Arora, the movie gets all the appreciation for attempting a bold story line. However, it all ends there only.

3. Sins

Shiney Ahuja as a Father of the church who treads the path of forbidden romance with a young girl named Rosemary did not go down well with the audience and the movie was weird in so many ways. The movie angered a certain section of the Indian audience and some people just didn’t like Shiney’s acting.

4. Hawas

Based on Richard Gere’s Unfaithful, this one stars Kaliyon Ka Chaman girl Meghna Naidu and follows the story of a housewife who finds solace in the arms of another man. While the story was borrowed, it was translated weirdly on the screen for some reason!

5. Grand Masti

The Masti series was a big commercial hit, but Grand Masti was one movie whose story line we just could not fathom. The story shows Amar, Prem and Meet who decide to go to their college reunion and then problem follows.

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