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Throwback Video Of Shaan Losing His Cool At Rap Fans For Abusing Him Shows Cruelty Of Internet



Singer Shaan has been a contemporary icon of Bollywood and Indian Independent Music, with his longevity spanning several decades now, having crooned his way into our hearts with hits like Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan, Kuch Toh Hua Hai, and Tanha Dil among various other notable songs.

Back in 2021, when India was reeling from wave after wave of the Covid pandemic, the 90s crooner took to social media in an attempt to reach out and assuage folks via his Instagram live sessions. 

shaan angry video © Shaan

While Shaan’s intentions were just to entertain people with his mellifluous voice through songs and conversations, he ended up courting controversy with one of his sessions. Rap fans came down hard on the singer for allegedly saying that the popular genre of music was in some way inferior to other forms. 

Soon after, Shaan went on to clarify his stance on this entire controversy through another Instagram live. He waxed lyrical on his appreciation for music by artists like Yo Yo Honey Singh and Raftaar, informing the audiences that he’s worked with some of the finest rappers and musicians that our country has to offer, and that he had nothing but respect for them.  

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However, what this particular video also offered us was an insight into the way the mind of the average internet user works. Social Media has empowered us in so many ways - from giving access to information and education to the masses to overturning social injustices and pushing our boundaries of creativity as well. However, among the list of positives, it has also managed to deceptively breed a certain abrasive entitlement amongst the mass junta. It’s the price we’ve paid for the world of instant gratification we live in.

In the complete version of the video, The Tanha Dil singer calls out some of the vile abuses and trolling hurled at him while he attempted to interact with his fans and other attendees, “Never in my life have I had to listen to such kinds of abuses. Why are you doing this? What kind of mentality is this?” It’s obviously disheartening to see a Bollywood music legend not being treated with even a modicum of respect (that everyone should be entitled to), but what we’re now observing among each other at large is that even when without the crutch of anonymity, we have gotten emblazoned enough to go out of our way and hurl insults at others, and then nonchalantly going about our day, having ruined someone else’s. 

We obviously don’t live in a utopian society. In the world we live, curse words do find their relevance in daily parlance. Perhaps, one could even argue their importance even, as they do allow humans to express themselves more freely. But, as they say, there’s a time and place for everything. And just perhaps unloading a plethora of concocted desi gaalis onto an unsuspecting artist (or you know human being?) may not be the best way to use the internet that we’ve gotten accustomed to. 

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