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'When I'm Back In India', Eminem Once Called Himself 'A Part Of Mahatma Gandhi'



American rapper Eminem or Marshall Mathers III is known as the father of rap!

His own life story has so much drama that there is already a lot based on it.

Talking about his personal life, his overall success in an industry where the odds were always stacked against him, Eminem is truly one person who does what he wants by saying what he wants.

We mean this in terms of the lyrics used in most of his rap songs.

The multiple Grammy award-winning artist is known to say the most explicit of things in the songs that he writes and performs.

But did you know, one of his songs actually had references to India and even Mahatma Gandhi?

Eminem Mahatma Gandhi© Reuters

Eminem India © Reuters

Yep! You heard it right!

Eminem sang a superhit song that had connections with the freedom fighter in it, with the rapper actually stating that he had a part of Gandhi in him.

The song was actually the Venom song that is used in Tom Hardy's superhero movie of the same name.

Eminem Venom 2 song © Sony Pictures

In the title track of the movie, the lyrics go like this,

“Threw the car into reverse at the Indy, end up crashing…Into ya, the back of it — just mangled steel My Mustang and your Jeep Wrangler grill…With the front smashed, much as my rear fender, assassin… Slim be a combination of an actual kamikaze and Gandhi. Translation, I will probably kill us both… When I end up back in India… You ain’t gonna be able to tell what the f**k’s happening to you…When you’re bit with the…”.

Now, for whoever knows of Eminem, Slim is a short form for his stage name Slim Shady.

In the song, he can clearly be seen stating that he is a 'combination of Kamikaze and (Mahatma) Gandhi'.

Kamikaze is actually a World War II reference to a Japanese aircraft loaded with explosives and making a deliberate suicidal crash on an enemy target.

I mean, while rap songs are often abstract and may not have a concrete meaning or intention behind them, a rapper like Eminem using India's reference in his song is clearly something very interesting.

Maybe, it could be a sign that the rapper actually ends up coming to India and performing here, which would settle really well with the fans here.

Oh yeah! We'd actually love for the Slim Shady to light up a concert here!

Source: Koimoi

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