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We Finally Know How Long It REALLY Takes For A Woman To Orgasm & Men Need To Take Notes



To all those men who think it takes as much time to make a woman come as it does to make Maggi, let me break it to you that it is never the case. 

And backing us now, apart from our unsatisfied sexual experiences, is a scientific study that may have just figured out the average time it actually takes for a woman to come. 

Guys, this is where you take down notes.

women orgasm © iStock

A study that was published in The Journal Of Sexual Medicine, conducted by a team from India's Kadave Institute of Medical Sciences has apparently been the first to measure what we call ‘organic latency’, which translates into the gap between feeling aroused and finally climaxing. 

female orgasm © iStock

And as it turns out, that time is 13 minutes and 25 seconds.

A total of 645 women took part in this study, from across 21 countries. All of these women in the sample size were in monogamous relationships - married or in serious long-term relationships. 

A surprising part of this study was also the fact that one out of every six women who climaxed, didn’t actually do it through penetrative ***. Infact, most women have time and again admitted that they feel more aroused and closer to coming when they’re being orally pleasured. 

women orgasm through penetrative sex © iStock

And for those who did end up having an ecstatic ending through penetrative ***, nine out of ten women were able to do it when they were positioned on top. 

Seems like this is when you start putting missionary on the back-burner and pick this as your default position, if you want your woman to really orgasm and not just fake it. 

Women who would earlier fake orgasms either because they didn’t want to embarrass their partners or because they felt that they will never be able to achieve one, have also started to stop faking it any longer. 

women orgasm study © iStock

And if there is any way you want to make it as worthwhile for your partner as it is for you, the trick is to keep going for a minimum of 13 minutes, so you’re sure to have given her the kind of ‘hard time’ she desires!

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