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Found 23 results

  1. There are some people who are known by their names. For instance, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor to name a few. Then there are some who are known for their actions, and Arif Khan is one such name. You might not know him as Arif Khan, but you will immediately recollect who he is when we tell you that he is Anil Kapoor's doppelganger, also known as Junior Anil Kapoor. YouTube/ Film Companion Arif has appeared on several TV shows and recently, a digital platform, and entertained people with his gigs as junior Anil Kapoor. From matching his hairstyle to getting a similar beard, Arif is Anil Kapoor's die-hard fan and owes his success to him. “I came to Mumbai to become an actor, not Anil Kapoor's duplicate but I am grateful for whatever I have and I owe it to him.” In the latest episode of @FC_Hindi's #FilmyConnection, watch the story of Arif Khan, who lives as @AnilKapoor's look alike:https://t.co/OAmIOsU6k2 pic.twitter.com/2jLipVpy9a — Film Companion (@FilmCompanion) April 7, 2019 Although at 62, Anil Kapoor looks a year younger than any 26-year-old, when he was young, there was barely any difference between the two. So much so, that Arif even managed to fool Anil's fans into believing that the man signing autographs for them was actually the actor himself. In a video featuring him, Arif revealed that during the filming of 1992 movie 'Khel' starring Anil and Madhuri Dixit Nene; he was doing a show in the hall next to the film sets. When he got to know that Anil is shooting nearby, he went to meet him on the sets, where Kapoor's fans and kids were waiting with pen and paper in their hands. The moment he came outside, kids confused him with the actor and ran towards him for an autograph. When the film's cast got to know about this, they started laughing. Soon Anil called him, met him and hugged him. That is how Arif remembers his first meeting with his idol Anil Kapoor. In the video, he talked about his journey and said, "I came to Mumbai to become an actor, not Anil Kapoor's duplicate but I am grateful for whatever I have and I owe it to him." When Anil Kapoor saw the video, he took to Twitter to applaud Arif's spirit and hard work and wrote, "Follow your dream no matter what is his attitude! I remember meeting him once as well, he's always in character and that's commendable! Dedicated & hardworking! #ArifKhan this is your story & moment!" Follow your dream no matter what is his attitude! I remember meeting him once as well, he's always in character and that's commendable! Dedicated & hardworking! #ArifKhan this is your story & moment! @FilmCompanion https://t.co/ufS68JUtz2 — Anil Kapoor (@AnilKapoor) April 7, 2019 Recently, the two met on the sets of a reality show, during the promotions of 'Total Dhamaal', where they danced on some of Kapoor's famous songs like 'Ae Ji O Ji'. Anil even said, "I didn't think there was anyone better than me but here you are, with a better face, better hair, better physique, and even better dance moves. I've never felt this insecure in 40 years." This is truly a 'Jhakaas' journey.
  2. They say that the circumstances and situations we face in life make us. The good, and especially the bad experiences, mould us into individuals with unique battle scars that we can proudly walk around with. Yet, it takes one of those rattling experiences to turn our lives around and save it from going completely downhill. A moment of clarity is all we need to find the strength to steer our lives around towards a better future, and that is exactly how the journey of celebrity nutritional consultant Jaydeep Bhuta reads. View this post on Instagram Stay tuned with RJ Palak on #RadioCity 91.1 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12.15 PM for some quick tips by me on healthy and fit living! . . . #JaydeepBhuta #Food #Healthy #Fit #Fitness #FitnessLifystyle #FitLife #HealthyLifestyle #Foodie #FitFoodie #Radio A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Feb 8, 2019 at 12:39am PST A proud Mumbaikar, Jaydeep is a well-known name in Mumbai's Vile Parle neighbourhood as the guy who changed his life, and helped others make theirs better as well. Born into a typical Gujju business family, Jaydeep enjoyed the hearty vegetarian Gujarati meals and snacks he was brought up on. Until one fine day in February 2015, when 28-year-old Jaydeep found himself veering towards the wrong side of the weighing scale. At 145kg, Jaydeep was clueless when he had lost track of his life to such a great extent. The jarring reality of his obesity shook him to the core, just as much as the multiple health concerns that stared at him right in the eyes. Over the years Jaydeep's weight kept crawling up while he continued to live his life without inhibitions. View this post on Instagram 2015, 140 Kgs It all started from here .. A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Jul 23, 2018 at 6:19am PDT Finally when things really got out of hand, Jaydeep decided to do something about his situation. “My weight gain was slow, but it kept growing over time. Genetics also played a role. My family history shows we tend to show up on the higher side of the scale. I began experiencing difficulty in moving, had trouble breathing and sleeping, was lethargic. That's when I thought if I don't do something now, it'll become a problem beyond repair.” View this post on Instagram You may look at this transformation and say Wow! How did he do it? Everyone wants the secret to weight loss and the "quickest way” for achieving it. . The truth is, it's not only about the consistency of getting out of bed every morning to exercise or eating clean "Whole Food" but also the dedication, the lifestyle change & being happy mentally. . That's something you don't see here. Everyone has a transformation journey of their own, you may take a month, 6 months, a year or more depending on your goal. . In short, pen down your goal, start and stay dedicated. . #JaydeepBhuta #StayFit #StayHealthy#Transformations #FitnessLifeStyle #FitnessMantra #FitLife #Fit#HealthyLifestyle #ThursdayTransformation #InstaGramFitness #FitLifestyle #FitFoodie #Fitstagram #Health #InstaFitness #BeforeAndAfter #WeightLossJourney #Inspiration A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Mar 7, 2019 at 6:34am PST With a 52 inch waistline and a body that had never known exercising, Jaydeep decided to seize his fast fading life and turn it into a healthy, full life. Talking about that point of his life, Jaydeep said, “I consulted many dieticians but nothing worked. I would lose a few kgs, and regain it as quickly. Eventually, after a few failed attempts, I realised that I would have to learn the science behind weight loss myself. I studied nutrition for two years.” View this post on Instagram The godfathers who guided me through my entire journey. It's time to meet them soon! . Any guesses who they are? . . #JaydeepBhuta #Food #Healthy #Fit #Fitness #FitnessLifystyle #FitLife #HealthyLifestyle A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on May 27, 2018 at 10:19pm PDT During this time, and with the help of noted scientists Dr. Eric Westman, who is the Vice President American Obesity Council, along with Dr. Stephen Phenney and Dr.Jeff Volek, Jaydeep began his own fitness journey. Soon, he began applying his knowledge of biochemistry into his own lifestyle. Jaydeep reinvented food as he knew it, and worked hard to educate himself. View this post on Instagram Smiling as I look back on how far I have come. This journey has truly been exhilarating. . . #JaydeepBhuta #StayFit #StayHealthy #Transformations #FitnessLifeStyle #FitnessMantra #FitLife #Fit #HealthyLifestyle #Exercise #MondayMotivation #InstaGramFitness #FitLifestyle #FitFoodie #Fitstagram #Health #InstaFitness #Throwback #Fitness A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Mar 18, 2018 at 11:48pm PDT With a disciplined lifestyle and exercising, his efforts began to show results within months. Within a year's time, Jaydeep lost over 60kgs! Now weighing around 85kg, he had not only saved his life but also found a passion he wishes to explore more. As a certified nutritionist and fitness consultant, and with his weight loss to show for it, Jaydeep then began helping a few friends in need. View this post on Instagram Only love for this boy gang, bye bye UK! You've been more than kind ð #Wow #FamBam #UK2018 A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Sep 30, 2018 at 4:15pm PDT “It worked for them as well, and then simply through word of mouth, more and more people began to drop by for consultations. At one point, when the number of clients grew significantly, the family business took a backseat. My clientele grew and suddenly I had almost 1500 clients, and a lot of Bollywood celebs were amongst them. From Priyanka Chopra to Varun Dhavan, Bobby Deol, Huma Qureshi and many politicians, a lot of well-known personalities have been my clients,” Jaydeep told MensXP. View this post on Instagram Happy bday to this beautiful human being..ð A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Jan 1, 2019 at 5:34am PST Jaydeep's initiation as a celebrity nutritionist began with actress Sonali Bendre's husband Goldie Behl's weight loss journey. Soon other B-town celebrities approached him, and that is how Jaydeep got a chance to work with Bobby Deol. Jaydeep tells MensXP, “When I met him for the first time he was a little heavy, and though he was fit, he wanted to become fitter for a shirtless scene in 'Race 3'. We worked together on a plan and within three months he lost approximately 10kg. Over time Bobby Deol lost close to 15kg, so from being 90kg or so, we got his weight down to approximately 77-78kg.” View this post on Instagram Entered 2019 with the Deols.. Happy New year to everyone ðð A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Jan 1, 2019 at 5:38am PST Bolly Deol's amazing transformation that became the talk of the town as soon as the trailer for 'Race 3' hit our TV screens has a lot to do with our man Jaydeep here. “Bobby can't tolerate spicy food, so his food was simple. He used to eat 3-4 times a day, besides the sweets and stuff I would send from my clinic. I would often change his diet plan according to his blood tests. I created a low carb diet. Along with weight training and cardio, he began showing positive results within 3 months. Salman Khan's trainer was working with him on his weight training, while I handled his entire diet plan.” View this post on Instagram Happy birthday Dharmendra uncle! ⤠. . #Dharmendra A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Dec 7, 2018 at 11:36pm PST Now in his early 30s, Jaydeep has completely transformed his life. He is constantly expanding his business, and plans to step into a long term health food company very soon. One simple decision to do something about his waning life, changed everything for Jaydeep. “Today I have gained so much confidence, found a passion and turned that passion to work. Moreover, I get to help people and make them happy. That's my biggest achievement and makes me happy.” View this post on Instagram Passion never fails !! A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Sep 11, 2017 at 5:22am PDT He is popular with a lot of B-town biggies. Check out some images below: Sallu Bhai View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday @beingsalmankhan . . . #BirthdayWishes #SalmanKhan #Birthday A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Dec 27, 2018 at 2:18am PST Akshay Kumar View this post on Instagram With the sweetest people to spend time with... Thank you for the invite and the amazing time... #alka #akshaykumar #sweethearts #cardparty #diwaliparty2018 A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Nov 5, 2018 at 10:59am PST SRK View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday @iamsrk! . For all the good times and moments spent together, cheers and here's to hoping for many more to come. ð¥ . . #KingKhan #ShahRukhKhan #SRK A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Nov 2, 2018 at 2:55am PDT Varun Dhawan View this post on Instagram Look who dropped by for lunch!ððð . #VarunDhawan A post shared by Jaydeep Bhuta (@jaydeepbhuta) on Oct 30, 2018 at 1:19am PDT The quotations for this story have been taken from an interview with Jaydeep Bhuta conducted by Mradul Rajpoot for MensXP Hindi.
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) have made a solid entry in this year's Indian Premier League (IPL). Winning their opening match against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), they again went victorious on Wednesday against Kings XI Punjab (KXIP), but this time at home. The only thing common in both the matches other than winning is, Nitish Rana, the star performer of KKR who played some stunning strokes and went on to score 50+ runs in both the games. Rana was called on the pitch after the early departure of Chris Lynn on 10 runs. But once he arrived, he made sure that he sticks around for long and eventually played a crucial knock of 63 to help his team reach a mammoth total of 218 in their share of 20 overs. His thrilling 68 against SRH and now another 63 against KXIP takes him to the top of the leading scorers in the league, earning the 'Orange Cap' with 131 runs in the bag. View this post on Instagram What a (k)night, what a moment ðð» #KKRHaiTaiyaar A post shared by nitishrana_official (@nitishrana_official) on Mar 28, 2019 at 12:38am PDT The Mumbai lad looked in prime form even in the Domestic Cup and has made sure that he continues his form in the IPL also. Talking of KKR, having their middle order stabled by classic batsmen like Rana and Robbin Uthappa, and later having a power-hitter like Andre Russell in the team, makes them the favourites of the IPL in the early stages.
  4. Indian men face a lot of issues with their hair, because of the climactic inconsistency and pollution all around. However, more often than not, they don't pay heed to the urgency of the situation before it's too late, and as a result, end up with severe issues such as chronic hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, weak hair strands etc. There, however, exists an easy way out that can take care of your hair and scalp health, without much effort. The magic ingredient? Coconut oil. © Getty Images Coconut oil is a super underrated product that can transform your hair and scalp magically. Remember the good old champi from your childhood that your mother always insisted on doing every Sunday? There are several reasons behind it, and here are 5 of them. 1. Coconut oil is packed with Vitamins and micro-nutrients that can do wonders for your hair. You know how a good diet full of nutritious food items is good for your body? It works the same way with coconut oil for your hair. It is the best 'hair food'. © Getty Images 2. Coconut oil helps your hair to grow faster and thicker. The essential fatty acids and vitamins found in coconut oil help to remove sebum around hair roots, and subsequently help in faster, healthy hair growth. © Getty Images 3. Coconut oil can heal your scalp when you are suffering from dandruff. Apply warm coconut oil slowly on your scalp using your fingertips, and leave it on overnight. You should ideally wrap your head with a towel, or an old T-shirt. In the morning, wash it off with some Epsom salt solution to get rid of the excess skin bits. © Getty Images 4. Coconut oil, perhaps, is the best natural conditioner. If you want to 'deep condition' your hair, oil your hair with coconut oil, leave it on overnight, and wash it off with a mild shampoo the next day. © Getty Images 5. A head massage with coconut oil every week increases blood circulation and gets rid of headaches because of stress. Try it, and you will see the difference soon.
  5. The moment someone mentions Bollywood, the first thought that comes to our mind is the luxurious lifestyle of our beloved celebrities lead, the crazy fame and fan-following they enjoy and of course, the insane amount of money they earn per film. But, it's very rare when someone shows us the other side of the coin. A side which is dark and filled with thorns, miseries and struggles. Meet Savi Sidhu, whose story is a reflection of how unpredictable an actor's life can be. A man who was once an actor is now working as a security guard. © YouTube For most of us, Savi Sidhu might be a name we are hearing for the first time, but this man had once shared the screen with Akshay Kumar, Dimple Kapadia and Rishi Kapoor in 'Patiala House'. He has also worked in movies like 'Gulaal', 'Black Friday' and 'Bevakoofiyan'. He played Commissioner Samra in 'Black Friday'. But, today the man does not even have money to buy movie tickets. Now, Savi Sidhu is working as a security guard and a video featuring his life story was recently shared on YouTube. © YouTube The video begins with him talking about how Bollywood happened to him. "Anurag Kashyap mile, struggle karte karte toh mujhe Paanch mei liya, unki jo pehli film thi release nahi hui. Uske baad unhone mujhe 'Black Friday' mei liya, one of the main characters that is Commissioner Samra ka role kiya maine then unke sath maine 'Gulaal' bhi kari. Maine Yash Raj, Subhash ji ke sath, Nikhil Advani ke sath 'Patiala House' kari." While talking about his toughest phase, Sidhu who does a 12-hour shift as a security guard in a housing society said, "Sabse tough phase wo tha when I lost my wife". After that, he lost his father, mother and in-laws too. Eventually, he became alone, "akela hote hote alone". © YouTube Today he does not even have the money for bus tickets and watching a movie has become a distant dream for him. "Bohot filme miss kar raha hoon... dekhne ka mann karta hai par meri financial position aisi hai", he further added. Sidhu does not blame Bollywood for his struggle, "Kaam ki kabhi problem nahi hui. Mujhe hi chhodna pada ki mai nahi kar pa raha hoon. You know... it was like kya mere liye wait kar raha hai... yaha jaise logo ko kaam milta nahi aur mere pas itna kaam hai ki mai kaam nahi kar pa raha. Meri financial problems bhi badh gayi, health problems bhi badh gayi toh kaam khatam ho gaya." Although Sidhu might be going through one of the toughest times of his life, he is still hopeful that one day he is going to come back to Bollywood with a bang, and we hope that we get to see him on the big screen once more.
  6. Steam is home to a lot of popular games as we know them. Thousands of games are added to Steam's library every year, but as always, a few titles are more popular than the others. 'PUBG' is definitely on the top when it comes to popularity as it took the gaming industry by storm when it arrived. 'PUBG' dominated Steam's player count chart for a long time by surpassing the likes of 'DOTA 2', 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive', and more. But is 'PUBG' still the most popular title on steam? Not really. It's 'DOTA 2' that is currently dominating the charts. A cool new data visualization, which shows the top Steam games by player count since 2015, says that DOTA 2 hasn't lost its appeal to the fleet of Battle Royale making its way to the library. © OpenAI The animated chart, which was posted to Reddit by “TheKarmaFiend”, shows the lasting appeal of 'DOTA 2' over the years. The animation's timeline begins on January 1, 2015, and ends on December 31, 2018. DOTA 2 retained its top spot for most of the time before PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds took over by August 2017. © PUBG PUBG's arrival pushed 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' to the third spot until which it was locking-horns with 'DOTA 2' for the top spot. If you look closely, some other titles like 'Team Fortress 2', 'GTA V' and 'Warframe' also remained popular throughout the timeline. Sadly, the titles like 'No Man's Sky', 'XCOM 2', etc. couldn't manage to hold their position in the chart for a long time. You would literally miss them with a blink of an eye. Interestingly, 'DOTA 2' player numbers have started increasing towards the end of 2018. In fact, currently the MOBA title is back in the number one spot with close to 1 million players peak today. 'PUBG' is right next to it with close to 800,000 players peak, whereas 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' is on the third spot. Source: Reddit
  7. Ranveer Singh is known to be one of India's most candid and outspoken actors, who wears his heart on his sleeve and has a mouth to show for it too. Trust Ranveer to turn the most mundane activity into a fun-tastic one and spoil your senses with audio and visual proof of the same. So, recently, Ranveer proved this point once again when he caught up with trade analyst Komal Nahta on Zee Cafe's 'Starry Nights 2.Oh' where he made a revelation about his days as a struggling artist. He said that back in the day when he was a struggling actor, he dressed up as Arun from 'Mr. India' and showed up at casting director Shaano Sharma's house because he had heard the rumour that Shekhar Kapoor was all set to direct 'Mr. India 2'. View this post on Instagram Keep it ð¯ A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Feb 8, 2019 at 9:45am PST “During my struggling days, it was rumoured that Shekhar Kapur was making Mr India 2 and I landed up at Shanoo Sharma's house dressed up as Anil Kapoor's character Arun,” Ranveer told Komal on the show. If it wasn't evident enough for his fans and followers, Ranveer just made it crystal clear that he can go to any lengths to get into the skin of the character and give his very best to every role that presents itself (or not). View this post on Instagram Uth jaa apni Raakh se, tu Udd jaa ab Talaash mein ð¦#mondaymotivation #gullyboy A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Feb 10, 2019 at 9:57pm PST Be it is isolating himself from the world for 21 days to play Alauddin Khilji in 'Padmaavat' or doing his own groundwork and training with underground rappers for his upcoming release 'Gully Boy', Ranveer has always gone out of his way to make sure he gives 200 per cent to all his assignments. Talking about the kind of films he loves, where the hero is the master of the show and the film is larger than life, Ranveer said, “big muscles, big guns. Matlab mujhe bas yahi karna hai.” Ranveer couldn't have given a more earnest and honest reply than this.
  8. Rajkummar Rao dons many hats, and not only do we feel that he carries each one of them effortlessly but also with perfection. Not only is the actor capable of entertaining his fans and audience to the hilt with his talent in front of the camera, but the method artist also brings out new aspects to the characters he plays on-screen. From funny and playful, to serious and thoughtful, Rajkummar has wooed us all with his skills when it comes to getting into the skin of the character. However, it wouldn't be wrong to claim that he has considerable talent when it comes to tapping a foot to Bollywood numbers as well, and it is indeed safe to say that he is far better than a certain Khan in the industry. *wink wink* © Star Plus But did you guys know that even before the acting bug bit Rajkummar, he was taken by the desire to make it as a successful dancer? Rajkummar disclosed the fact that as a young teenager, he really wished to become a dancer and even gave it a shot. Here is what he had to say about that phase when he visited the set of 'Super Dancer Chapter 3' along with the cast of 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga'. © Maddock Films Talking about that time from his childhood, Rajkummar said that he was very fond of dancing and wanted to become a dancer. He even travelled to Mumbai as a 16-year-old in order to give his shot at dancing and auditioned for the popular dance show 'Boogie Woogie'. However, things didn't go as planned and he got rejected. But Rajkummar is quick to add that the rejection made all the difference to his life. © Star Plus Why? Because it gave him the option to explore other options and now look where he has ended up! “I was in the tenth standard when I came to Mumbai from Gurgaon for the first time, I always wanted to be a dancer and came here for the auditions of 'Boogie Woogie' where I got rejected. I was sixteen-years-old when I came here. I was very disheartened by that rejection then but today I am so glad that I got rejected. It got me to a better career that I am in today.” Such a classic optimist Rajkummar is!
  9. Right from the start, I had no real drive to get a beach body other than the fact that it would have been nice to own one. I had been training with a personal trainer 5 to 6 days a week for about a year before this, but to be completely honest, although I felt stronger, I still looked very similar to when I started. I was still stuck in the 'skinny fat' region. For sure, my diet was not on point. I did feel a little disappointed and was massively sceptical about hiring a new coach. Then RNT and Akash came into picture and wanted to give RNT a run for their money, and I thought 'we'll see how it goes'. This is how I started. I started with zeal and within just the first month, I started seeing a change in my body composition. It was insane how quick the changes were to appear as I dropped body fat and increased muscle simultaneously – something that I had previously heard and believed was impossible. Akash had literally dialled in my nutrition and it showed very clearly. The weekly check-ins kept me accountable and made sure that I didn't deviate. Especially when I would try sneak in little bits of chocolate. I booked for a photo shoot which served as a constant motivation. There were times when I did feel that I need to loosen up but the thought of looking great on the shoot day kept me going. I held on very well through the weekly changes in calories and the peak week. The Results Two photo shoots later, I am now sporting a physique I had only previously only dreamt of. I thought to myself, 'I'm done now – I don't need RNT anymore'. However, the period after the initial transformation has actually been the most useful RNT have been. Having helped me to achieve the body I had only previously dreamed of, the trick was how to keep it going forwards without having to weigh out all my food, and live life. I've now realised that transforming your body will always generate results that transcend far beyond the physical. It positively impacts all areas of your life. Your mental health, your relationships, and even your wealth and finances will all benefit from the habits, discipline and structure a physical transformation embodies. You can read my whole journey here:
  10. If you plan on getting a moustache, the pornstar moustache probably is the best kind to start with because A, it's easy to grow and maintain unlike a full-on handlebar, and B, it doesn't look like you're trying too hard. Hrithik Roshan started off he year with sporting one, and we think he has never looked cooler. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Now one might argue that Hrithik legit looks like a Greek God and can pull off anything, but why should that mean that you can't? Life is short, and sometimes a seemingly small grooming move can change it for you. Why we think so? Read on. Here are 3 solid reasons why every man should try getting a pornstar moustache, at least once in their life. 1. For the uninitiated, a pornstar moustache or a pornstache derived its name from the '80s, when male pornstars actually used to keep moustaches like these, and it was a rage among the ladies. Lesson to learn from history: Ladies dig moustaches, and they probably won't say it out loud. Get one and find out for yourself if it works! © Viral Bhayani 2. 2018 was all about beards. Now, we aren't saying that the beard is dead, because it never will, but variety is the spice of life, they say. If you have a beard, probably crop it short, and let the moustache grow out, for a swanky new look. If you prefer being clean shaven, why not step up your game and try getting a moustache? It can change everything about how you look. © Viral Bhayani 3. A pornstar moustache is easy to grow and maintain, and it is the only kind of facial hair experiment where not much is at stake. Don't like it? Shave it off or let your beard grow (it will take less than a week for a thick stubble to catch up in most cases). Plus, you can experiment with multiple aesthetics by altering the length of your stubble. It's a win-win, we say! © Viral Bhayani Still not convinced? Take a look at Hrithik. We rest our case.
  11. Last month, when Juventus travelled all the way to Manchester United for their UEFA Champions League Group H clash, all eyes were on Cristiano Ronaldo - the prodigal son who was returning to his old home. While the Portuguese couldn't get his name on the scoresheet in his team's 1-0 win at Old Trafford, he had a great homecoming amid warm reception from the United fans. He clicked selfies with the pitch invaders, played a pivotal role in the lone goal and acknowledged the reception he got at Old Trafford. On 8th November, Ronaldo was once again the centre of attraction when the Red Devils visited the Allianz stadium in Turin for their group game in the European competition. And, Ronaldo didn't disappoint (at least not on the pitch). For someone who was yet to score for Juventus in the Champions League, Ronaldo couldn't have notched up his maiden goal any better. The 33-year-old opened the scoring for his side with a breath-taking volley in the 65th minute. Capitalising on Leonardo Bonucci's perfect long-ball, the Juventus forward unleashed an absolute stunner that went past United goalkeeper David de Gea. WHAT A GOAL FROM CRISTIANO RONALDO ð³pic.twitter.com/9oypBzYY7u — LewisMcinnes (@TheLewisMcinnes) November 7, 2018 While his maiden Champions League goal for Juventus brought the home fans to their feet, Ronaldo's happiness was short-lived as his strike was cancelled by Juan Mata in the 86th minute. With the game levelled, Alex Sandro's own goal in the 90th minute allowed United to snatch a 2-1 win against the Turin-based club. Despite taking the lead, Juventus couldn't hold their nerve and the frustration was quite evident in Ronaldo's post-match interview. The Portuguese star, who shares a special bond with United and their fans, claimed that Jose Mourinho's team did nothing to deserve the win. © Reuters “The Champions League is a special competition, where you could be winning, but can't relax, as anything can happen. We dominated the game for 90 minutes, had so many chances, could've killed it off three or four times, but we relaxed and were punished," Ronaldo told Sky Sport Italia. “Manchester United did nothing to win the game. They created two chances from set pieces. English teams are always looking for set pieces You can't even talk about luck, because you have to find your own luck and in this case, we just gifted it to them. Now we've got to lift our heads, as we played really well and are still top of the group,” he added. United's shock win undoubtedly gave their fans something to cheer for, but Ronaldo's post-match comments didn't go down well with them. Expressing their displeasure, the United fans took pot-shots at the Portuguese on the social media. What??#Ronaldo#JuveManchesterUnitedpic.twitter.com/cOP8cT1Sk5 — Huzaifa Ahmad (@huzaifascool) November 8, 2018 Moral of the day #mufc#manutd#juvmun#ronaldo#mourinhopic.twitter.com/JeVgPRDgtJ — Man Utd Trolls (@ManTrollsUtd) November 8, 2018 Ronaldo after the match xD Via @mantrollsutdpic.twitter.com/Yy4Wo0cor1 — ManUtd Empire (@Empire_Mu) November 8, 2018 Now i more than EVER want someone else to win the BallonDor and not the salty arrogant Ronaldo,who used us time and time again for new contracts — danin ted (@danin_ted) November 8, 2018 After Ronaldo salty comments and celebrating against us,i think it's time to move on. I've loved him through thick and thin but now not anymore. No more following him — danin ted (@danin_ted) November 8, 2018 Never thought Ronaldo would be so salty about losing to his former club ð — Laurenð¦ (@__Lauren____) November 8, 2018 Ronaldo flexed his packs on us and guess who took the L? haha — SnowyNoni, Muffin (@Noni_ManUnited) November 8, 2018 The best thing about winning against Juve is seeing their salty fans. Even Ronaldo is salty af. Haha what a game — Name (@DanangJaga) November 7, 2018
  12. Chris Hemsworth is in India! That's it, that's the story because the God of Thunder has finally made his way to our country and everyone's so excited about it, and rightly so. Just a couple of months ago, we heard about the new Netflix project Chris was going to be a part of and all of us took some extra interest in it because it's an India based movie called 'Dhaka'. All we knew at that time about the project was that Chris was playing the role of a man who is on a rescue mission to rescue a kidnapped Indian boy in Dhaka. View this post on Instagram The #GodofThunder aka #ChrisHemsworth is in #Ahmedabad to shoot his #Netflix movie #Dhaka with our very talented actors #ManojBajpayee and #RandeepHooda ð #aditiraval A post shared by Aditi Raval (@aditiraval) on Oct 31, 2018 at 10:38pm PDT Along with Chris, the Netflix thriller also stars Manoj Bajpayee and Randeep Hooda. While we were all already excited about him coming to India, we only realized how much when he was spotted at the Ahmedabad Airport. He clicked selfies with a lot of fans who were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. View this post on Instagram #MetAnAvenger in Ahmedabad! And I thanked him for immortalising Thor for me! #Ahmedabad #Avengers #Thor #Persistence #Avengers4 #ChrisHemsworth #Marvel #MarvelUniverse A post shared by Rohan Bhatt (@rohanbhatt) on Oct 31, 2018 at 8:03pm PDT No, I'm not jealous at all. View this post on Instagram We can't keep calm because Chris Hemsworth is in Indiaaa! ð The dashing actor arrives in Ahmedabad to start shooting for his next Dhaka which stars Manoj Bajpayee and Randeep Hooda ! . . . #chrishemsworth #hollywood #thor #handsome #hot #smart #dashing #dapper #actor #spotted #india A post shared by The Bollywood Whoop (@bollywoodwhoop) on Oct 31, 2018 at 11:47pm PDT Reportedly, the shooting will go on in Ahmedabad for about 10 days so since there's some time, anyone up for a roundtrip to see Thor? Also, looks like he'll be here for Diwali and I personally can't wait to see him in a kurta celebrating with everyone. After Ahmedabad, the shooting will continue in Mumbai. A source was quoted as saying, “Dharavi and Byculla are two of the locations that have been zeroed in for the shoot. Though it will primarily be work, the Indian crew has decided to play perfect hosts to Chris. Feasting in gullies of Colaba and Khau Gully in Mohammed Ali Road is on the cards.” Apparently, he also wants to Rajasthan before leaving for Thailand for the shoot. All the fans are excited and sharing their excitement with everyone on Twitter, no surprises there. Welcome to India, Thor ⤠We await #avengers4 and also your #Dhaka on Netflix.. — Anju Chandel (@AnjuChandel) November 1, 2018 Welcome! Great things Happens on 1 Nov. Hell yeah. Welcome to our " India " @chrishemsworth pic.twitter.com/xdkgzYUAz6 — Ishaaaaaa (@stalkerishthing) November 1, 2018 It's an axe now, okay. I wonder if his hammer is in his backpack ð #Thor in India — Pranjal (@Reveriessss) November 1, 2018 Once in a lifetime, indeed. @chrishemsworth Once in life moment if i meet u in ahemdbadð. Love u sir from india Wish u best of luck for DHAKA @Russo_Brothers.@BajpayeeManoj @RandeepHooda #ThorInAhemdabadð — Prashant (@prashant007z) November 1, 2018 EXACTLY! CHRIS HEMSWORTH IS IN INDIA BITCH NOW I FEEL THE FRUSTRATIONS OF FANS OH MY GOD AAAAAA — #1 Edward Cullen for MCU superimist (@mushisury) November 1, 2018 Mine too. @chrishemsworth IS IN INDIA! MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT!? pic.twitter.com/7QQdl8NGnC — Ruru â̽â̽ (@Ruru_Mehra) October 31, 2018 That gif is literally everyone's reaction. @chrishemsworth welcome to India hope you will have a great time .ð¥ðð And hope you will get to know about our GODS too 𤣠pic.twitter.com/aC4N48Khlr — Deepanshu Kansal (@BaniyeKaBaccha) October 31, 2018 Come on, everyone knows about it. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME . CHRIS HEMSWORTH IS IN INDIA AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT . — RINA â̽â̽ (@homewithnarry) October 31, 2018 YES HE IS. Chris Hemsworth IS IN INDIA IM NOT GONNA MEET HIM BUT OH MY GOD THOR IS IN INDIA — мσυмιÑα⤠(@moumita03) October 31, 2018 Yep. "'Thor' spotted in India shooting a Netflix film" Wait WHAT CHRIS HEMSWORTH IS IN AHMEDABAD WWWWWWWWEWEEEEhttps://twitter.com/i/events/1057628297050255360 — ð yashð (@nosleepforyash) November 1, 2018
  13. Indians account for the third-highest chunk of visitors to Pornhub, one of the largest porn aggregator sites in the world. Going by 2017 stats, 75 million users from India logged on to the site every day with an average session duration of 9.46 minutes. But, everything comes to a full stop because you won't be able to easily access porn online now. The High Court of Uttarakhand passed an order to block 827 websites which offer pornographic content, following the order the Department of Telecom sent out a notification to telecom operators. The Government body said, “all the internet service licensees are instructed to take immediate necessary action for blocking of 827 websites as per the direction from Meity and for the compliance of the Hon'ble High Court order.” Jio users right now #pornban pic.twitter.com/7XSgzxNdCN — tanishk (@rai_tanishk) October 26, 2018 The Uttarakhand High Court had stated in the order that the unlimited access to pornographic content needs to be blocked to prevent any adverse influence on the minds of children. Jio is just among the first ones to comply with the order, and other telcos like Airtel and Vodafone would be following soon. The High Court order was passed in September, and only now has the actual implementation gone through. Users aren't happy though and social networking sites like Twitter and Reddit are buzzing with jokes and rants. Jio users right now #pornban pic.twitter.com/7XSgzxNdCN — tanishk (@rai_tanishk) October 26, 2018 We independently tried accessing a few of the major porn sites from a Jio connection but failed to do so. Usually, when a webpage is barred, a notification stating "Access Denied" or a small court message appears. In this case, the page simply wouldn't load. After Jio's porn ban All VPN Apps : pic.twitter.com/19hTbbrEBo — Lakhan Vijayvargiya (@Four_2kaOne) October 24, 2018 It's worth noting that the list of banned sites include only major ones right now, and the lesser popular ones are still running as usual. The telco needs to manually block a URL and cannot extend it to a general category of porn sites. A similar order was also issued in July 2015, when DoT blocked 857 websites with adult content. The DoT then changed its order on August 4, 2015, stating that the internet service providers are free not to disable any of the 857 web links which do not have child pornographic content.
  14. The iconic movie from everyone's childhood, which taught us a lot about love, friendship and life, 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' has completed a glorious 20 years of its existence. The cast came together to celebrate the milestone and relive the good times that went by. © Instagram During the press conference and the interaction, the superstars dished out interesting details about the filming of 'KKHH' and Shah Rukh Khan had some pretty funny things to say. He revealed how he once thought that the script of the movie made no sense, and that he still has no sense of what it actually was! “I never listen to scripts, I listen to the heartbeats of the people I work with at times millennial chat with me and say things like why you let go of that script that was such a great script. Till date, I never understood a script. And I can say this with confidence that I never understood the script but the script maker or the filmmaker,” he explained. “Karan came and narrated an utterly nonsense crap story to me; which is certainly not the one that finally you people saw in the film. In his strange way Karan, the man with many words tried to impress me with his crap story. So yes, I really did not understand the story when I signed in. and I am glad that I did not get into the story and just went ahead with the conviction of Karan, otherwise the film would have not been the way it came out,” he further added. When asked as to what he thought the characters of Rahul and Anjali would be two decades later, Khan said, "Rahul was a bit of a fraud anyway. He used to say 'we love once, marry once' but did it twice. In my head, I hope the marriage works, but it must have been a tough marriage." However, aren't we glad that he went ahead with it and became a permanent part of our memories?
  15. We are no strangers to the gazillion superstitions our moms and grandparents seem to believe in. We have literally grown up watching them follow weird beliefs, some of which they even forced us to follow, whether we liked it or not. While most of us feel these beliefs are baseless, over the years a lot of people have managed to provide probable reasons as to why such superstitions are followed in our country so faithfully. Whether there is any truth in them or not, is not what we're about to discuss. Instead, our focus today is to take up a few, popular superstitions in our society that even men have followed at least once, at some point in time. Whether it was because you were young and gullible or because you fret over things going bad, no matter the reasons, you ended up believing it and gave in to this craziness. 1. Teen Tigada, Kaam Bigada © Excel entertainment Can we get over this one? This was such a regular during our playground meetups or when we divided up our teams for a match. Nobody wanted to add an extra third player for the fear of the rest of them screaming “teen tigada, kaam bigada” at the top of their voice. It kinda almost felt we might end up losing the match after all. 2. Kaali Billi Ne Rasta Kaat Diya, Ruk Jao Kisi Aur Ko Pehle Jaane Do © Flickr None of us can claim that this has never happened to us. It was as if ever since we came across this saying, all the black cats in the locality conspired to cross our path at all the wrong times. We still remember the fear it evoked when we had similar rendezvous on important days of exams and results. We ensured somebody else crossed the road ahead of us. 3. Mangalvaar Ko Maans-Macchi Nahi Khana © Twitter The no non-veg on Tuesday policy is so strong, some of us still follow it without second thoughts. Turning vegetarian every Tuesday seemed absurd, yet unknowingly consuming non-vegetarian food on the day would give us the most terrorising mini heart attacks. 4. Mangalvaar Aur Guruvaar Ko Baal Matt Kaatna © Instagram No haircut or shave on Tuesdays and Thursdays is another one that mothers ensured their kids followed with no questions asked. Of course, all of us have been tempted to break the rule and see what might happen. Some have even dared to go ahead with it, but the fear of the unknown in these situations is for real. 5. Number 13 Ka Prakop © Maxpixel Though most people say it is a western belief, this superstition finds a lot of takers in India too. From the fear of Friday the 13th to some people avoiding rooms and house numbers with the double-digit, 13 evokes a pretty creepy feeling when you think of it. Bad luck or not, everybody wants to stay away from it. 6. Itni Saari Hichki? Pakka Koi Yaad Kar Raha Hai © Vinod chopra films Even though it is mostly the ladies in our lives who say it, repeating it often almost makes us think that there is some truth to it. It is said that sudden hiccups mean someone is thinking of you and a series of them would quickly catch people's attention. However, when they repeated this a few times over, it made us really consider who might be thinking of us right that very moment. Our crush, hopefully? 7. Haath Mein Khujli, Paise Milenge! © T-Series This one is pretty common too. We have heard a lot of people say it and many people believe it too. An itchy left palm is said to be an indication of monetary profit, and well, who wouldn't love that? This one is something that many of us would gladly like to believe. 8. Raat Ko Peepal Ke Ped Ke Aas Paas Nahi Ghumna Chaiye © Clean Slate Films This one sounded so spooky when we were little. Yes, there were times when we really wanted to confirm those ghost stories, of Peepal trees being haunted by ghosts, but we wonder how many really did go in the dead of the night to confirm this. It seems funny now that the mighty tree could scare us once, right? Tell us, which ones did you believe in? Be honest.
  16. Elon Musk is one of the coolest people out there, no one can disagree on this, and you know I'm right. And, since he's our favourite eccentric billionaire (I've used this phrase a billion times and I will keep saying it until I die), everything he does is automatically more interesting. Case in point, a recent podcast he did with Joe Rogan, where he talked to the YouTuber for a couple of hours while drinking whiskey and smoking pot. Yep, he was live on-air smoking marijuana, but don't worry, it was totally legal. © YouTube In a wide-ranging interview for the Joe Rogan Experience, he mostly talked about plans for electric planes. After Tesla's success, it does make sense to expand in the electric vehicles and obviously planes are the next thing. Go big or go home! He said, “I have a design for a plane. Electric cars are important, solar energy is important, stationary storage of energy is important. These things are much more important than creating electric supersonic VTOL.” He also described our addiction to fossil fuels as the “the dumbest experiment in human history.” Joe then offered him the joint after a long discussion about the plane and obviously, his first reaction was 'It's legal, right?' © YouTube Elon also explained that he's “not a regular smoker of weed” because he “doesn't find it very good for productivity.” “It's like a cup of coffee in reverse,” he added. Wow, that's one of the best description I've heard. He went on to say, “I've thought about this quite a lot, quite a lot. The trick is that you have to transition to level flight. The thing you'd use for vertical takeoff and landing is not suitable for high speed flight.” ”The interesting thing about an electric plane is that you want to go as high as possible, but you need a certain energy density in the battery pack, because you have to overcome gravitational potential energy. Once you've overcome gravitational potential energy and you're at a high altitude, the energy you use in cruise is very low, and then you can recapture a large part of your gravitational potential energy on the way down. So you really don't need any kind of reserve fuel,” he added. © YouTube Talking about himself, he said, “I don't think you'd necessarily want to be me. I don't think people would like it that much.” He also added that the inside of his head is like “a never-ending explosion” with ideas bouncing around all the time, he said, adding that he finds it “very hard to turn his brain off.” Stressing on the need of sustainable energy, he said, “We're really playing a crazy game here with the atmosphere and the oceans. We're taking vast amounts of carbon from deep underground and putting this, putting this in the atmosphere, this is crazy. We should not do this. It's very dangerous. We should accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. I mean the bizarre thing is that obviously we're going to run out of oil in the long term. There's only so much oil we can mine and burn. That's totally logical, we must have a sustainable energy transport and energy infrastructure in the long term. So, we know that's the end point, we know that. So why run this crazy experiment where we take trillions of tons of carbon from underground and put it in the atmosphere and oceans. This is an insane experiment. It's the dumbest experiment in human history. Why are we doing this, it's crazy.” © YouTube To this, Joe asked, “So we're fucked?” Elon simply replied, “No we're not fucked. But the momentum to sustainable energy is too slow.” Here's the full podcast.
  17. Among all the possibly bizarre developments to have happened recently, this revelation, in particular, has knocked us for a loop and we are still reeling from the shock. Turns out, senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor was offered a role in a Bollywood movie starring Salman Khan. © Twitter In an interview with Janice Sequeira on Social Media Star, he spilled the beans and said, “One amusing offer (came to me) for a part in a Salman Khan starrer from a rather famous director. I can always cherish these moments.” “It was to play the role of an Indian foreign minister in a sequence and the advice I was given by a good friend was, 'If you want to be the foreign minister, don't play the foreign minister.' I thought that made sense and I backed off,” he added. © Twitter Tharoor made this amusing revelation, when the conversation came round to the topic of the confusion that people still have about his 'appearance' in the Aamir Khan and Salman Khan superhit 'Andaz Apna Apna'. Check out the scene here: Flatly denying his appearance in the movie, he said, “By then (when the movie released), I was already working for several years in the United Nations.” So, not Tharoor for sure! No doubt Tharoor is a badass and we are often stumped by his incredible vocabulary. We love the way he makes us reach for the dictionary thanks to his tweets, and the bold manner in which he talks about the damage British Raj did to India. © Twitter However, we can't help but wonder what would have happened if Tharoor had accepted the role. Firstly, he would have definitely overshadowed Bhaijaan (have you seen the man talk?). Secondly, he would have introduced Bhai to a few new words making him reach for the dictionary. The possibilities are endless!
  18. When you think of tennis, the first person you think of is Roger Federer, he really is one of the best players ever and he has proved time and again that he really is the ultimate GOAT. I mean, just look at his career, that's one of the most spectacular things ever. Now, even he may have outdone himself with one incredible shot. Even his opponent couldn't believe his eyes, he didn't know what just happened. His US Open victory over Nick Kyrgios with the 'shot of the tournament' left even Nick claiming that it was “almost unreal” and it surely was. I'm not even a tennis fan and even I have to admit – what a shot! I mean, just look at this! OMG(ð¥Eurosport) pic.twitter.com/YnaNMUKh33 — doublefault28 (@doublefault28) September 1, 2018 I agree with everything in this tweet. And this folks, is what they call *tennis*. Insane — and very legal — shot. Federer is a superstar. https://t.co/5oTBLBx7ff — á´Éªá´Êá´á´Ê ɪá´á´á´á´ (@michaelidato) September 1, 2018 It really was. Kyrgios' reaction after this Federer winner was priceless. https://t.co/FxIxjENDvB — Nikhila (@kokudum) September 1, 2018 He didn't know what hit him. (ð¥Eurosport) pic.twitter.com/QMNYEycGry — doublefault28 (@doublefault28) September 1, 2018 Yep. Apart from the sheer entertainment value (both the shot & Kyrgios's expression), this point is great because it's one of the best examples of why Federer, at 37, is still a Top 2 player. #USOpen https://t.co/weCMABfZtQ — ZENIA D'CUNHA (@ZENIADCUNHA) September 1, 2018 Yes, it truly is. SHOT OF THE TOURNAMENT #Federer #USOpen https://t.co/c1hicQ3F02 — Uche Amako (@UcheAmako) September 1, 2018 What a comparison. robert frost: writing poetry without rhyme is like playing tennis without a net roger federer: free verse it is https://t.co/Z4VTPaHC5y — Derek Thompson (@DKThomp) September 1, 2018 Obviously. No tennis player has ever had better feet than @rogerfederer — Ed Werder (@EdwerderRFA) September 1, 2018 It really was good. Federer on *that* shot: 'I think the funny thing about this shot today is I didn't think about it until I hit it. Usually in practice there's usually the doubles net. It normally only ever happens on a court of this size. I guess I deserved that, I went for it so it was good.' — George Bellshaw (@BellshawGeorge) September 1, 2018 Good game. Federer: "I enjoy playing against Nick, he comes up with different kinds of shot making, it keeps you on the edge, and it's entertaining for the opponent, also." #USOpen — Kelyn Soong (@KelynSoong) September 1, 2018 You thought? Federer: 'I'm very happy to have won in general. Five sets would have been fine too. I thought I played very well. The first set was definitely key. I enjoy playing against Nick, he comes up with different types of shotmaking.' — George Bellshaw (@BellshawGeorge) September 1, 2018 You should be very happy. Federer: "He came out firing a lot of aces and feeling good, I was struggling with my backhand earlier on, finding my rhythm...Today luck was on my side, so obviously I'm a little bit happy." #USOpen — Kelyn Soong (@KelynSoong) September 1, 2018 This calls for a conspiracy theory. One of the greatest phenomenons in sport: Roger Federer dominating without appearing to break a sweat. — Eric Engels (@EricEngels) September 1, 2018 What a performance, indeed! What a performance! Roger Federer is through to the next round of the #USOpen after beating Nick Kyrgios. LIVE: https://t.co/1MrLiNgCYM pic.twitter.com/oc2pbacQ2s — BBC Sport (@BBCSport) September 1, 2018
  19. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, who got engaged in India last week, are in a happy space right now surrounded by their loved ones and certain unwanted opinions and comments on their age gap. There are multiple ways to talk about their relationship. Some can say Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is dating Hollywood actor-singer Nick Jonas. Or 'Baywatch' actress is engaged to 'Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle' actor. © Instagram But, no! The conversation will always begin with 36-year-old Priyanka Chopra is engaged to 25-year-old Nick Jonas, who 10 years younger than him. People's obsession over the age-gap is beyond us and clearly Nick Jonas too doesn't care about it. Before meeting Priyanka, Nick dated multiple women and some were older than him. Kate Hudson was 14 years senior to him, while Delta Goodrem was 8 years older than him. In fact, in an interview Nick confessed that he loves dating older women. The interview is from 2013, where a fan asked him, "I've heard you like cougars and was wondering what's the oldest woman you would date?" To this Nick replied, "I would not put a limit on it. Let's be realistic, the oldest person I have taken out on a date was about 33...35." FYI, in 2013 Priyanka Chopra was 31. When asked why he loves dating older women, he said "They know what they want." Well, this does makes sense and now we know why he fell in love with our 'desi' girl Priyanka Chopra.
  20. "Ah, young love", I say pretending I'm not a 'young' 22-year-old. Let's go down memory lane and reminisce about our first relationships and crushes, they were so exciting, right? But, still a big secret because of desi parents, obviously. They would be furious if they found out what their 'innocent' little kids were doing behind their backs. You know how we find so many ways which confirm that celebrities are basically just like us, and this might be the most relatable thing, tbh. When we were at school or college, dating was mostly kept as a secret from our parents and well, everyone can probably relate to all the sneaking around. Turns out, even Salman Khan also experienced that, probably when he was really young. He's had a lot of high-profile relationships with a lot of Bollywood actresses like Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif, but these days, he's more focused on talking about his love life before Bollywood. Currently, he's quite busy with the shooting of his movie 'Bharat' and hosting 'Dus Ka Dum' and obviously the upcoming season of 'Bigg Boss'. But, the best revelations about him are coming from the show 'Dus Ka Dum'. Recently, he had spoken about his crush on his teacher back when he was in school and how he used to flirt with her a lot. Now, he's opened up about another hilarious incident. It turns out that once Salman was caught by one of his ex-girlfriend's parents when he was hiding in her closet. Probably a lot of guys can relate to that, I guess. Here's how the whole thing went down – he was at her house and her parents came home unexpectedly, leaving him with no choice but to hide in the closet. He would've gotten away, but he let out a loud sneeze and the jig was up. But, lucky for him, her father liked him so, he was safe. And, he should be safe, after all, Sallu Bhai is a self-proclaimed 'virgin'. I'm sure they were just hanging out and no funny business was going on, it was probably just Netflix and no chill. He shared this hilarious story during an episode that had Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor as guests, who were promoting their upcoming comedy-horror flick 'Stree'. Salman's honestly even made Rajkummar Rao share the story of a similar situation he was in once. He talked about how he too was once stuck in his girlfriend's balcony for two hours, when her parents got home suddenly. Well, waiting was better than jumping. See? Actors are just like us. They're also scared of desi parents as much as we are.
  21. Anil Kapoor is indeed one of my favourite actors and I totally admire this man. From struggling hard in his early days to rising to fame, he is an inspiration for anyone and everyone who aims to make big in any field and is also ready to work for it. "Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goals: my strength lies solely in my tenacity." -- Louis Pasteur #stateofmind #Berlindiaries A post shared by anilskapoor (@anilskapoor) on Aug 4, 2018 at 3:56am PDT With fame, actors often lose touch with their roots, as the popularity and the opulence often goes to their head. However, Anil Kapoor is one such human, who has acknowledged his humble beginnings, every step of the way in his career. © Twitter Keeping his natural vibes intact, he is a genuine man and will leave you in awe with his humility. Besides being a powerhouse of an actor with immense talent, he also has an amazing sense of humour. It's just one of the many things I love about him, as he is effortlessly witty and can instantly crack me up. A post shared by anilskapoor (@anilskapoor) on Jul 31, 2018 at 5:41am PDT While most actors are past their glory days, Anil Kapoor, with each and every work of his, is proving that he is here to stay and will not fade away into obscurity. Love him, admire him or even make fun of him, he proudly takes it all in his stride. Remember how time and again netizens have made fun of his now-iconic hairy chest shots? © Twitter Well, what if we tell you that the man, like a boss, owned to how he thought he could be a *** symbol with that picture? And that's not it; in a recent interview, he also laughed at his own memes and revealed how he reacted to some of it when he saw them flooding the internet. Because simplicity never goes out of style! #FanneyKhanInDelhi A post shared by anilskapoor (@anilskapoor) on Jul 28, 2018 at 5:14am PDT The video is just epic and you can't miss it. When a picture of him flaunting his bare and hairy chest was shown to him, he said, “I actually had so much hair, yaar. This picture is of Jaabaaz. How delusional are you sometimes? I remember I told Feroz Sir, “I want to take a bare-chested shot.” But people abused me for it, I still get it. I thought I will become a *** symbol after this but actually, I became a b**t of jokes. This meme should get 10 out of 10.” This is the best video on the Internet right now and you've got to see it! On the work front, Anil Kapoor's movie 'Fanney Khan' was released recently and his acting has been loved by viewers. The movie also stars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Rajkummar Rao. We are already looking forward to his upcoming projects; 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga' and 'Takht'. Thank You every one for the kind words of appreciation and the love you have showered towards #FanneyKhan. Book your tickets now, link in bio. âª@aishwaryaraibachchan_arb @rajkummar_rao @divyadutta25 @itspihusand @tseries.official @fanneykhanfilm @romppictures @AtulManjrekar #VirenderArora #NishantPitti A post shared by anilskapoor (@anilskapoor) on Aug 3, 2018 at 3:38am PDT Coming back to the video, we loved his 'salt and pepper' look. This man, as always, ends up giving us a lesson in fashion in every appearance he makes and we can't help but admire his brilliance.
  22. Once upon a time, back in 2014, Danielle Wyatt, who is a part of the England's women's cricket team made headlines in India just after one little tweet. Kholi marry me!!! — Danielle Wyatt (@Danni_Wyatt) April 4, 2014 She posted the tweet after watching Kohli's spectacular knock against South Africa in the T20 World Cup in 2014. Within a few minutes, everyone in India knew who she was, and a lot of people probably took her seriously. I mean, the first reply to her tweet is so hilarious in itself. .@Danni_Wyatt kya aap anushka ki sautan banne ko taiyar hain.. — Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt) April 7, 2014 She even met Kohli and also got a gift from him – his bat. Twitter That was a few years ago, but Danielle has found her way back in the Indian media again, this time because of Arjun Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar's son made a brilliant debut in the four-day games between India U19 and Sri Lanka U19 by picking a wicket in his very first over. But soon things fizzled out a little for him and he failed to open the account with the bat as well. The team is again playing a One-Day series against the same team, but since Arjun is not part of the squad, and the young cricketer seems to be taking a break after playing for his country for the first time. Yesterday, he posted a picture with Danielle Wyatt on his Instagram account and the two seemed to be hanging out and having lunch together at Nando's. Instagram
  23. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, two of Bollywood's biggest superstars, have decided to take things in control to bury all rumours of a possible conflict between them, which have been doing rounds for the longest time now. At least their cameos in their respective shows and movies makes us believe in this theory. © Red Chillies Entertainment After 'Bigg Boss 11', 'Tubelight' and 'Zero'; Bollywood's iconic brother-duo Karan-Arjun are back once again for Salman Khan's 'Dus Ka Dum' and thanks to the internet, we got a glipmse of how epic their reunion is going to be. King Khan snapped on the set of #DusKaDum ð¸â¤ï¸ pic.twitter.com/mutULa0kna — SRK Universe (@SRKUniverse) August 3, 2018 But, Karan Arjun were not alone this time, they were joined by Rani Mukerji. So, basically it was a 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' reunion, without Anjali. #duskadum#Shahrukhkhan & #RaniMukherji to play together with #SalmanKhan next weekend. Last evening stills.... DKD3 set #DusKaDumdaarWeekend #SRK pic.twitter.com/hHzpJkaosZ — ACTIVE KAPILIANS ♠ ð°9⣠(@kapilfan_dom) August 3, 2018 The pictures and videos of both Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan on the sets of 'Dus Ka Dum' were shared online, leaving their fans craving for more. New Pictures : KING KHAN @iamsrk & @BeingSalmanKhan Shooting For #DusKaDum Last Night pic.twitter.com/sWC1RtO4XS — DEEPAK â (@DeepakSRKian_) August 3, 2018 In fact, in one video. Salman Khan is seen pushing the cart on which Shah Rukh Khan is sitting, with the song 'Yeh Bandhan To Pyar Ka Bandhan Hai' playing in the background. Shah Rukh was reportedly heard saying, "Saalon ke bhai hain hum (we've been brothers for years)." KING KHAN @iamsrk and @beingsalmankhan #DusKaDum Set ðððð #Srk #Shahrukh #shahrukhkhan #kingkhan #badshah #mannat #zero #zerothemovie #zerothefilm #anushka #anushkasharma #Katrina #Katrinakaif #bollywood #king #legend #deepika #deepikapadukone #karanjohar #kareenakapoor #salman #salmankhan #RaniMukherjee A post shared by ð«SRK's Vasimð (@iamvasimt_) on Aug 2, 2018 at 11:34pm PDT SHAH RUKH KHAN Ki Entry ð¥ð¥ð¥#DusKaDum pic.twitter.com/OqiLWr5q66 — ɦÉÊÊy â¤ï¸ (@DilwalaShadan) August 3, 2018 Salman Khan @BeingSalmanKhan with Shah Rukh Khan @iamsrk @WhoSunilGrover on the set of #DusKaDum yesterday. pic.twitter.com/JOccjB1sJB — Salman Khan Universe (@salmanuniv) August 3, 2018 Video 2 :#ShahRukhKhan ⤠#SalmanKhan || Karan Arjun ð¤ || at the set of #DusKaDum !!@iamsrk ð¥ @BeingSalmanKhan pic.twitter.com/XSIRKKXuQJ — E(sha)hrukh ð (@IamEshaSRK) August 3, 2018 After Sonam ki shaadi, where we saw the duo bringing the whole house down, we can't for this episode to air.