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'Propagandist Bollywood' Why A Scene From Big B Starring Bemisal (1982) Is Getting Bashed



The Kashmir Files has emerged not only as a movie, but a phenomenon that has taken over the country in less than a week's time. Already on its way to the 100 crore club, this small budget movie has been able to do something that will hopefully instill faith in earnest moviemakers to aim for big things, even without 'connections' in Bollywood

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Apart from its dream run at the box office in terms of collections (almost 70 Cr within 5 days of release), this film has also struck a chord with the public in general, which is previously unheard of. People are applauding the team for opening the floodgates of dialogue about what happened to lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits more than 30 years ago. 

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Amidst this dialogue, a scene from the movie Bemisal (1982) starring Amitabh Bachchan has come under scrutiny, for a scene that talks about Kashmir. Here is a Youtube link of the movie. 

The controversial part starts 11:50 onwards, where Amitabh Bachchan starts talking about hill stations, and the conversation eventually moves to Kashmir. He goes on to say that every single hill station in India has been discovered by the British, except Kashmir, which was discovered by the Mughals. The camera then moves on to Rakhee, who praises the Mughals in terms of their music, paintings, and architecture. Some Twitter users have not taken this scene kindly at all, and posted the same on the platform. 

What lies Bollywood has been feeding us? #TheKashmirFiles has shattered it all. #IndicIdeas pic.twitter.com/6ijnhMEwSg

— ब्रजेश जी (@acharyabrajesh) March 16, 2022

Propaganda of bollywood vs reality...
This is how bollywood is brainwashing masses from decades...#TheKashmirFiles #BoycottBollywood pic.twitter.com/5cQvThvN00

— Ankush Shan™ (@Ur_Ankush) March 16, 2022

"Mughals ne Kashmir ko banaya hai" ~ Bemisal movie.

"Rishi Kashyap ne Kashmir ko banaya hai" ~ #TheKashmirFiles movie pic.twitter.com/VxXIytkwiq

— Farrago Abdullah (@abdullah_0mar) March 16, 2022

Dogla THE KASHNIR FILES Ko kabhi samarthan nai karega....ye khud iski jo movie BEMISAL jo 1982 mein relase hui uss mein bolta hai kashmir Mughlo ne basaya...ye sala bollywood mafia ki team ka hissa hai

— Vivek (@Vivek24111735) March 16, 2022 

People are referring to the history portrayed in The Kashmir Files, where the history of the valley goes way back to the ancient times, compared to which the arrival of Mughals turns out to be a rather recent event. While this debate is essentially subjective and warrants thorough research (rather than giving credit to a single entity for discovering an important geographical location riddled with controversy and sensitivity), one must admit that the movie has opened up floodgates that will impact Bollywood in ways unimaginable henceforth.

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