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14 Best Bromances On TV That Every Man With A Best Friend Can Relate To

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Let's be frank, you love your best friend to death. You would probably die for them or at the very least, stand up for them in a time of need. The brotherhood you have forged over the years (with stolen sutta and beer coupled with heart-to-heart talks) is a testament to the love you share.

Your bro. Your brother. Your soulmate.


You share a bond so strong that it rivals even the jod of Fevicol! You can't possibly imagine life without them.


As a man, expressing your love for your male best friend might make you a bit apprehensive and it may seem weird, with all the barriers of masculinity, sexuality and judgement, but it doesn't change the fact that you do love them.


In a society where same-*** relationships are seen as an abomination to mankind and which ridicules anything which isn't “man enough”, we have always been a bit anxious of saying something that might suggest a sexual undertone in a friendship of the same ***, but if you are comfortable with each other and confident enough you wouldn't think of it as a problem.


Nobody's judgement should make you question yourself or the love you have for your friend.

Best Bromances On TV© WingNut Films / The Saul Zaentz Company /New Line Cinema

It might feel silly that you have to express it, or you might find it to be something that sissies do. But after a few drinks it isn't that hard, is it? “Arrey bhai hai tu apna! I love you!” are the first words out of your mouth.

The fact is that the *** of the other person has nothing to do with friendship.

And if you have no problem in professing the love you have for each other, then you know what I'm talking about. To hell with the society and its archaic rules!


Or you might have such a rapport with your best bro that your partner gets jealous of the camaraderie you share. Whether it is having secrets which only the other person knows or bitching about someone right in front of them using your own devised language, you both can't have enough of each other's company.


And you always make up after a fight, however brutal it might be. Though it doesn't lessen the urge to irritate one another.


A bromance is the unquestionable bond of friendship between two men without the sexual aspect. Though the relationship might seem a sexual one to an outsider, it is the affection between the two that makes one believe so!

Who needs a romance when you can have a bromance? All the fun without the hardships of a romantic relationship!


Here are 14 such bromances in fiction which get stronger and deeper the more you revisit them:

1. Chandler & Joey (Friends):

Best Bromances On TV© NBC/ Warner Bros. Television/ Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

Could there BE anything more beautiful than their relationship? Be it watching “Baywatch” together or roaming around London, these two are made for each other. Even though they irritate one another and fight occasionally, they eventually make up. 

True friendship has never been better; be it Joey (Matt LeBlanc) officiating at Chandler's wedding or Chandler (Matthew Perry) helping Joey further his career. Monica might be Chandler's wife, but Joey is his one true love. 

Who kissed Chandler on New Year's Eve when he had no one to kiss? Joey!


“Chanoey” forever!


2. Joey & Jesse (Full House):

Best Bromances On TV© Warner Bros. Television/ABC/Jeff Franklin Productions

Uncle “don't touch the hair” Jesse (John Stamos) was the epitome of cool in the late '80s. His polar opposite was Joey “Bullwinkle” Gladstone (Dave Coulier), best friend to Danny and the goofball of the series. But together, they created an infallible team and embarked on hilarious adventures; be it starting an ad agency, hosting a radio show or providing each other support when needed. They can easily be termed as the “Chandler and Joey” of the '80s.


3. Sherlock & Watson (Sherlock):

Best Bromances On TV© BBC One/BBC Wales/Hartswood Films

Mr. Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) make for a great team; whether it is figuring out the murderer or in a battle of the wits. With their sarcastic remarks and deadpan humor, these residents of Baker Street are as British as one can get. Though they never own up to the fact that they love each other, their mutual admiration and respect is apparent. Be it the novels or the series, one thing is certain: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are joined at the hip and there's no denying it! Contrary to popular belief, they are most definitely not dating.


4. Jerry & George (Seinfeld):

Best Bromances On TV© West-Shapiro Productions/Castle Rock Entertainment/NBC

No one can talk about Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld) without mentioning George Costanza (Jason Alexander) in the same breath. Best friends from school, they try to navigate life in New York as adults while trying to figure out what in the hell is going on in this thing called life. Master manipulator and compulsive liar George, with his stream of unending problems, is the the perfect foil for the quick-witted, sarcastic and fortunate Jerry.


5. Dean & Sam (Supernatural):

Best Bromances On TV© Kripke Enterprises/Warner Bros. Television

Supernatural trouble? Worry not people, the Winchester brothers are here to save the day. Aside from the fact that they are actual brothers, their bond shines throughout the series. Whether it is killing demons or fighting the ones inside them, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) are always there for each other and that is what makes this bromance a legendary one. To elaborate on this good-looking pair of brothers' camaraderie, I might require a whole article dedicated to them!


6. Frodo & Samwise (The Lord of the Rings):

Best Bromances On TV© WingNut Films / The Saul Zaentz Company /New Line Cinema

Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) and Samwise (Sean Astin) are the epitome of true friendship. Though they have a difference in social status, Sam is absolutely devoted to Frodo and Frodo can't seem to live without his best friend. 

“Come on Mr. Frodo! I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you” is one of the most poignant and purest lines in the novel (and movie). If that isn't the highest level of bromance, I don't know what is!


7. Shawn & Gus (Psych):

Best Bromances On TV© NBC Universal Television Studio

If you need a detective with (fake) psychic abilities, you can never go wrong with Shawn Spencer (James Roday). And who comes along with eccentric Shawn? His childhood best friend, the straight-thinking, responsible Gus (Dulé Hill)! When he is not busy rectifying the consequences of Shawn's crazy antics, Gus provides the best advice to his dearest friend. 

Shawn knows exactly how to push Gus' buttons. Though they fight and argue at times, they know that they have the other's best interests at heart. The best thing? They balance each other's weird aspects! Remember the delightful “Chocolate Dance” and the aliases they come up with?


8. Bronn & Jaime (Game of Thrones):

Best Bromances On TV© HBO

A comparatively new bromance to hit the town, there's nothing funnier than the quick banter Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Bronn (Jerome Flynn) share. Though Bronn is jealous of Jaime's good looks and wealth and does make it a point to cleverly pass it along, he is ready to save Jaime from the direst of situations. Jaime, on his part, does see Bronn as a friend and ribs him occasionally. They do make for an entertaining couple!


9. Jake & Charles (Brooklyn Nine Nine):

Best Bromances On TV© Dr. Goor Productions/NBC

Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) were meant to be together. Find a friend who wants you to be happy as desperately as Charles wants to see Jake. Their brotherly love and loyalty are the stuff of legend, not to forget Boyle's jealousy when Jake finds a new friend and the fact that only Jake can calm him when Boyle goes “Full Boyle”. 

Though borderline creepy, especially considering the heights to which Charles will go for Jake, their bromance is the best one could ask for. Amy Santiago better watch her back!


10. Jon & Sam (Game of Thrones):

Best Bromances On TV© HBO

In a world full of back-stabbers (and gut-stabbers :P), Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) is the shining hope for loyalty and friendship. Throughout the series, Jon (Kit Harrington) and Sam help each other in tricky situations, fight their contemporaries and help each other in fulfilling their destinies. 

For a series where brothers constantly manipulate and try to kill each other, these former brothers of the Night's Watch take their friendship seriously. Jon pushes Sam to become the “Maester” he will surely become and also helps him find the love of his life, Gilly! Sam, on his part, is always on the lookout to help Jon.


11. Dwight & Michael (The Office):

Best Bromances On TV© Deedle-Dee Productions/ NBC/ Universal Television

The term brothers-in-arms is the only one which I can think of when it comes to Michael (Steve Carell) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) from The Office. The Regional Manager and Assistant to the Regional Manager make a fantastic duo which no one can emulate. 

Being it planning a surprise birthday party or making “improvements” in the office, Michael and Dwight always have each other's back. Though Michael pretends to be a bit turned off by Dwight's obsession with him, he enjoys the adulation and likes Dwight quite a lot.


12. Troy & Abed (Community):

Best Bromances On TV© NBC/Universal Television

Tell me a pair which can belt out pop culture references better than this duo of Greendale Community college. Socially awkward Abed (Dany Pudi) and angsty jock, Troy (Donald Glover), make the best of friends, each pushing the other to go out of their comfort zones, even finishing each other's sentences. They have the weirdest of conversations which end up being extremely deep. And they even have a super secret handshake! What else do you need as friends?


13. Mr. Spock & Captain Kirk (Star Trek):

Best Bromances On TV© NBC/Paramount Television

Need I say more? The original bromance; human-Vulcan Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and human Captain James Kirk (William Shatner) boldly go where no man has gone before. 

As they embark on journeys far beyond the human scope, intelligent and emotionless Spock, the personification of data, guides Kirk when his human emotions get the better of him. Kirk impresses Spock with his leadership skills and together they make a long-lasting brotherhood that only few can parallel. In fact, there are theories and fanfictions that suggest that these two were lovers; how do you like that?


14. Raj & Howard (The Big Bang Theory):

Best Bromances On TV© CBS/ Chuck Lorre Productions/ The Tannenbaum Company /Warner Bros. Television

If Bernadette wasn't in the picture, Howard (Simon Helberg) would have probably married Raj (Kunal Nayyar). Their love story is just as sweet as any other; be it people mistaking them to be a couple or them acting like one: fighting, making up and even having a threesome!

No wonder Bernadette still takes their relationship with a pinch of salt, I mean, what else would you do if your S.O. thinks about the comfort of their friend even though you are the one who is in trouble! And that is what shows the real depth of Raj and Howard's friendship and love for each other.


Honorable Mentions:

There are a lot of awesome bromances which have been left out but some of them do make into the “honorable mentions”. A complete exhaustive list is impossible to make.

Nick & Schmidt (New Girl):

Best Bromances On TV© Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures/20th Century Fox Television/Fox

This duo knows how to have fun! Although Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is a complete snob and Nick (Jake Johnson) is the quintessential slob, these two share a friendship which words can't explain. The adage of “opposites attract” has never been truer. Their bromance does lead to hilarious results!


Harry & Ron (The Harry Potter Series):

Best Bromances On TV© Heyday Films/Warner Bros. Pictures

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and Ron (Rupert Grint) became friends the moment they boarded the Hogwarts Express, all thanks to their lack of social skills and same awkward, geeky vibes. A friendship that stands against the test of time!


Hank & Charlie (Californication):

Best Bromances On TV© Showtime/Totally Commercial Films

Hank Moody (David Duchovny) and Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler) have a no holds bar relationship; they talk about everything with each other without the slightest bit of judgment, be it ***, women or personal problems and eventually end up causing even more menace in their already messed-up lives.


Is your bond with your best friend stronger than these fictional bros? Compare it and let us know! 

Meanwhile, call your bro and tell them how much you love them!


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