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Muslim Community Shares Mundane Yet Beautiful Experiences To Show That All Mosques Are Peaceful

One of the worst terror attacks happened recently and took the lives of 49 people who were just praying peacefully at their place of worship, a place that was supposed to be safe for them. The Christchurch shooting in New Zealand happened yesterday and the tragedy has shaken the entire world. A gunman opened fire at two mosques which claimed the lives of 49 people and injured another 40.

With so much emphasis being shed on how the shooter targetted a mosque that was completely peaceful, a Twitter user thought to bring light to the fact that every mosque is indeed peaceful. 

A place of worship is obviously a peaceful place, I mean it's kind of like a safe haven for people and the fact that someone targeted people while they were worshipping adds even more to the tragedy.

Twitter user Rami Ismail called on the Muslim Community across the world to share their most ordinary and mundane experiences at a mosque and it gave birth to one of the most beautiful Twitter threads ever.

Since several news networks emphasize that the mosques at the Christchurch shootings were #PeacefulMosques, as if most aren't:

Hey muslims, tell me something painfully mundane and common at your mosque, whether you visit it five times a day or one time a year.

Non-muslims, RT.

— Rami Ismail (@tha_rami) March 15, 2019

He started it off.

At my #PeacefulMosques, we used to have this 5-ish year old kid that would always run in front of everyone during prayer, and when he grew old enough to realize that was improper he stopped doing that and I actually kinda missed him messing up my prayer.

— Rami Ismail (@tha_rami) March 15, 2019

The pigeons need a home.

at my local mosque, the third floor has been abandoned and completely taken over by pigeons

— abdullah (@ahmedinho_s) March 15, 2019

Who will complain about that?

We hire security guards during Ramadan and have cops here every Friday. Over time, they just became part of our community. When we break fast, folks will take plates of food out to them and sit and eat with them, since they're usually missing dinner with their own families.

— Haris Khan (@hariscodes) March 15, 2019

This is too cute to handle, tbh.

When I went to my local mosque the other day, this little boy was feeding water to a thirsty cat â¤ï¸ #PeacefulMosques pic.twitter.com/Z5LDy87IH7

— Nishard (@iamnishard) March 15, 2019

Moms are the best!

It always takes forever to find my sandals so if I go with my mom she'll make me carry my sandals in a plastic bag.

— Fried Calamari watched Captain Marvel (@thehipstersquid) March 15, 2019

He must be a great teacher.

After Quran lessons all of us would stand outside and wave to our teacher as he drove out of the parking lot. He was well loved!

— countess bouchie flagrante ð¦ (@tweetsbybabz) March 15, 2019

More cats!

A CAT!!! Pretty sure every mosque has a few inhabitant cats, strolling around, lazily lie itself during Friday prayer ð±pic.twitter.com/EJpr8A2vfa

— Êá´É´á´á´Êá´ á´Êá´á´ (@alambentoo) March 15, 2019

The context makes it funnier.

Ps: the written words are in Indonesian, it says, “Sleeping is prohibited inside the mosque”

— Êá´É´á´á´Êá´ á´Êá´á´ (@alambentoo) March 15, 2019

A compromise.

The battle of the thermostat in the ladies' prayer room. We compromised and the menopausal women now have a fan blasting in front of them.

— Nida Nizami | Ùدا (@NidaNiz) March 15, 2019

Such a nice lesson on kindness for kids.

I remember going to my #PeacefulMosques in eid with a bag of candy just so i can give it to other children, soon those children grow up to take my place in doing this kind stuff

— farah (@afish4aday) March 15, 2019

I would've laughed out loud.

In my #PeacefulMosque growing up, one time someone was standing a bit too far behind the line compared to the people beside him, and the dude behind him literally headbutted his bum while getting up from sujood. ð

— Buhlyle (@itsSonOfAzad) March 15, 2019

Flowers are the best.

There's always someone selling roses at my local mosque :)

— Chad Toprak ð(@MrChad) March 15, 2019

That is so commendable.

I'm a non believer but that did not matter to my local mosque when my house caught fire. They didn't care about anything but helping us. This is heartbreaking.#PeacefulMosques

— Heather Brown (@springchikun) March 15, 2019

Just a simple act of kindness that makes a huge difference.

Best thing was learning that a lot of tourists like us miss their ferry all the time & the mosque had a place of sleep for them simply out of kindness!

— Ceylan (@lawvsmed) March 15, 2019


I used to go to the mosque to just sit and think sometimes. Mosques are peaceful, that's the whole point.

— t.exe (@gorizmi) March 15, 2019

This is so great.

The way a hundred strangers will say “asalamualaikum” with a small smile before you take find a spot on the carpet to pray. The way people will ask not only how you are, but how is your mother, your father, your sister, your brother? The way you leave, loved. Every single time.

— Farah  (@far_ah_way) March 15, 2019

So much love.

Our resident masjid grandma who would scold us when we failed to volunteer but also push us to the front of the line for Iftar during Ramadan. That's love right there.

— Aliya Karim (@alumalu) March 15, 2019

Make space for everyone.

"Brothers, please scoot forward, we have a lot of space here, so please make room for the people standing outside"

— zeffykins (@zeffykins) March 15, 2019

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