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US Comedian Who Boasted About Getting 4 Sikhs Offloaded From A Plane Is Now Facing Major Backlash

Another account of cultural and religious hate based on pure ignorance surfaced, when Instagram comedian Jess Hilarious, aka Jessica Moore boasted about how she allegedly got 4 turbaned Sikh men 'kicked off' a plane because she felt 'threatened' by their presence.

US Comedian Who Boasted About Getting 4 Sikhs Offloaded From A Plane Is Now Facing Major Backlash(c)Twitter

The comedienne was rightfully slammed for her Islamophobic comments by lots of people on Twitter and a compilation of the comments she made, was posted on Twitter by activist Simran Jeet Singh.

Take a look:

Four innocent Sikhs were kicked off a plane today because this woman was scared of how they looked.

Please watch and share this video to understand how hate hurts us all.

(see thread below for more info on the Sikh religion and identity)

— Simran Jeet Singh (@SikhProf) 17 March 2019

After the video was out, a bunch of people took to Twitter to verbally bash her hatred and absolutely ignorant and racist rant.

Hi @jess_hilarious,

I hear that you're fearful of people who look like me. Let me know if you ever want to chat. I'm happy to show you we're normal(ish) people and that you have nothing to fear.

a sikh https://t.co/RTmwziDeO5

— Simran Jeet Singh (@SikhProf) 18 March 2019

I thought I'd reshare this after @jess_hilarious managed to get 4 Sikhs off of a plane because she confused them with Muslims.
I think it's disgusting that she would not only do this, but share that she did this and then think it was something we'd find funny after recent events. https://t.co/2VChRhI7BB

— Kat Blaque (@kat_blaque) 17 March 2019

It's really hurtful that some people see turbans and view that as something to be afraid of.

Sikhs wear the turban/have long hair as a way to be publicly identified as in service to others. The idea is if you see someone in a turban, you'd know you could go up and ask for help.

— Aditi Juneja (@AditiJuneja3) 17 March 2019

The fact that Jess hilarious thinks it's funny to be 'threatened' by 4 Sikh people entering the plane because she thought they were Muslim and bragging about them being kicked out after the New Zealand incident is disgusting. pic.twitter.com/LjBxSyuB5T

— yas (@Adoomies1) 17 March 2019

Jess Hilarious' anti-Muslim rhetoric sheds light on a very important topic; Islamophobia within the black Christian community

— dylan (@dylanthegypsy) 17 March 2019

4 innocent Sikh passengers kicked off a plane cos celebrity @jess_hilarious was uncomfortable with their APPEARANCE

What a shame Airline company acceded to her request!

Sikhs have been most helpful community in times of trouble yet they get such discrimination @SushmaSwaraj Ji pic.twitter.com/suGHcFo5MD

— Manjinder S Sirsa (@mssirsa) 18 March 2019

@jess_hilarious you are racist af & sound so damn ignorant. The Sikh man was minding his business, is that what you felt THREATENED about?! #JessHilarious pic.twitter.com/b2DdZJYvU5

— s a r a (@sara_zfa) 17 March 2019

A day after Muslims were ambushed and murdered while praying (death toll now at 51), Jess Hilarious hops on Al Gore's internet to brag about+defend getting 4 people with turbans kicked off a flight because she didn't feel safe.

— Candice Marie Benbow (@CandiceBenbow) 17 March 2019

Getting four Sikhs off a plane because she felt threatened shows the incredible stupidity of @jess_hilarious. The airline should have drop kicked her ass off the plane. https://t.co/Z7fySepfDn

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) 18 March 2019

So while we mourn 50 Muslims who were gunned down in New Zealand and Muslims face Islamophobic harassment across the country on the streets and online, Jess Hilarious targets 4 Sikh men for wearing turbans and gets the removed from flight because she's afraid of Muslims.

— Margari Aziza (@Margari_Aziza) 17 March 2019

When she was slammed with rhetoric hate comments about her behaviour towards 4 Sikh men, the woman went on a rant over a video cussing people who were speaking up against her. She justified her actions saying  “F*** y'all, I feel how I feel. I felt threatened and that was it. F*** y'all."

US Comedian Who Boasted About Getting 4 Sikhs Offloaded From A Plane Is Now Facing Major Backlash(c)Twitter

This probably isn't the first time Sikhs have faced racist hate all over America. Post 9/11, there were attacks on the Sikh community as they were misunderstood for radical Islam fundamentalists. But the fact that 9/11 was 18 years ago and yet people live in absolute ignorance is quite sad TBH. 

There are some latent lessons due about how not all Muslims are terrorists and how the Sikh community is not religiously fanatic or a threat, to have them evacuated from an airplane! But because she probably thrives on irrational content that she assumes is funny. She thought she could take a dig at calling someone out as a threat just for fun, and she'd get away with it. Well, that's not how it works sista!

US Comedian Who Boasted About Getting 4 Sikhs Offloaded From A Plane Is Now Facing Major Backlash(c)Twitter

Moore did post a video on her Instgaram handle apologising for her behaviour but you know, sometimes an apology doesn't really hold any merit, once the damage is done.

Here, take a look at it anyway:

Please don't believe everything you see and hear, this is what it really is.

A post shared by Jess Moore (@jesshilarious_official) on Mar 18, 2019 at 7:27pm PDT

The woman has also offered to donate $15,000 to the victims of the New Zealand tragedy. Well, that's great Jess, but maybe it's time to get schooled again for your lack of knowledge!

Jess Hilarious is blatantly ignorant lmao, first off those were Sikhs on the plane and besides, had they been Muslims why would you behave that way despite having Muslims in your family? ð¤¦ð»‍âï¸ pic.twitter.com/0GOMnSo8b7

— Too $hort (@sukhisofly) 17 March 2019

All we can say is that Jess Hilarious is not really hilarious after all and we hope her ignorance doesn't get her into any more trouble!

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