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People Hated AR Rahman's Avengers Anthem So Much They're Convinced It's An April Fool's Day Prank

AR Rahman is a great musician and composer, no one can deny that, but he may have missed the mark on his latest release big time. The 'Avengers Anthem' dropped yesterday and well, turns out it was the biggest joke this April Fool's day.

People Just Really Hate AR Rahman's 'Avengers Anthem'

From not being able to differentiate it from, say an IPL song, to just basically the entire desi fandom being so disappointed, I would just like to say, 'Avengers: Endgame' deserved better. Some people are still convinced that the song was just an elaborate prank for April 1st and the real song will come out soon because let's be real, this can't be it.

People on Twitter are not holding back when talking about how much they actually hated this 'Avengers Anthem' and who can blame them? 

After listening to "Avengers Anthem" of A R Rahaman

Me:- pic.twitter.com/7kSeEMyhiV

— Rahbar Raza (@RbRaza007) April 1, 2019

It better be.

That Avengers anthem by AR Rehman is an April Fool's joke, right?

— Shriti ð¼ (@Zugambi) April 1, 2019


Cringe-worthy......ARR lost it completely....song is nothing  special to marvel .....@Russo_Brothers @arrahman #MarvelAnthem @MarvelStudios

— Vivek Swaminathan (@thetreadster) April 1, 2019

Drop the real one.

Haha.. nice April Fool joke.. you got us ðð Now release the actual anthem..

— Vinit Tibrewal (@vinittibrewal) April 1, 2019

Another comparison.

I was looking forward for this anthem.. But it Sounds like upcoming elections promo.. ð #generalelection2019

— Sandesh Sawal (@sandeshsawal) April 1, 2019

Here's hoping.

After listening to this Thanos will wipeout the remaining half of the universe ðð#MarvelAnthem

— suru (@nomad_soul_) April 2, 2019

It's not a sports event.

Someone pls add a dislike button on Twitter. I survived no longer than the first 30 secs of the song. For someone who has been reading Marvel comics for almost 15 yrs, this is the opposite of special. @Russo_Brothers c'mon guys !!! This is a world cup anthem, not Avengers.

— Saptarshi Chatterjee (@Saptarshi8290) April 2, 2019

Not a fan.

People Just Really Hate AR Rahman's 'Avengers Anthem'

That DC comment tho.

People Just Really Hate AR Rahman's 'Avengers Anthem'

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