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6 Latest Punjabi Songs To Add To Your Daily �Gedi� List With Your Yaars



We are home-bound in the present times and sometimes life can be gloomy, as social distancing is the best bet we have to save ourselves. So, in case, the only entertainment you have in life is a daily âgediâ with your friends, then here are six fresh Punjabi tracks we suggest you add to that list.

1. Red Eyes

Karan Aujla fans are already blaring and dancing to his latest number. In case you still havenât, send it to that chick with billi eyes today.

2. Shikari

Gurlez Akhtar is one Punabi singer who is giving many male colleagues a run for their money with her swag. This is her latest track, so add this to your list.

3. Dolce  Gabbana

Itâs true that Punjabi singers are obsessed with their brands and sometimes go ahead and even make a whole song about it! Thatâs exactly what Karan Randhawa did with his latest track.

4. Jee Karda

This song has been out for over a month now but surprisingly very few people know about it. Perfect song for those âcar-o-barâ nights with friends.

5. Teri Khaamiyan

If you still have not discovered the Crossblade acoustic series then you are in for a treat. This is one beautiful Akhil number re-sung by him and Gurnazar to soothe our souls.

6. Jatt Rule

The title of the song is self explanatory so just find it, stream it, and add it!

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