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Cheating Husband Catches Coronavirus After Italy Trip With GF & Panics About Wife Leaving Him



Who knew that the deadly pandemic in the form of  Coronavirus will not just halt normalcy and life, but will also end up digging some old skeletons from the closet, well, at least for some poor souls out there? 

A married man from the UK decided to take a romantic escapade with the love of his life to the beautiful scenic aesthetics of Italy. 

Except, a slight twist in the tale is that it was his mistress, not his legally wedded wifey, tagging along with him.

So, while the couple romanced in the alps and probably ate endless bowls of pasta with wine, in a Karmic turn of events, this man in question ended up testing positive for Coronavirus when he landed back in the UK. 

His wife thought he was on a business trip but the poor guy confided to the health officials at the airport about how he might have contracted the virus.

Cheating Husband Catches Coronavirus After Italy Trip With GF & Panics About Wife Leaving Him © Pexels

According to a report in the Mirror, the health officers found the situation quite funny and stated that the wife is still unaware of his adultery. 

âHis case would be funny if it wasn't quite so serious. Despite his infection, he is expected to survive the outbreak, unlike his extra-marital relationship. He thought he had the perfect alibi to carry out his affair but hadn't reckoned on the coronavirus meltdown. The patient is just relieved he got home before flights were cancelled - that would have taken some explaining. He's in a blind panic, but more about his adultery being exposed rather than his healthâ, the officers said.  

Well, guess this romantic vacation did not turn out the way he imagined it to be. Hope he recovers soon, though.

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