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Nirbhaya Case Convicts' Lawyer Questions The Victim's Character & People Want Him Hanged Too



Justice delayed, but justice served. After seven years, the Nirbhaya rape case finally came to a befitting end as the four convicts - Pawan Gupta, Akshay Kumar Singh, Vinay Sharma, and Mukesh Kumar - were finally hanged for their brutal crimes yesterday morning.

The entire country had been waiting for years for the culprits to get what they deserve and I'm pretty sure everyone was happy that the victim's family finally got justice after a long battle.

But nope, the convicts' lawyer is still out there, spewing his venom and trying to malign the victim's character. In a video going viral on Twitter, he's seen angrily questioning the victim's mother about her daughter's whereabouts.

Delhi 2012 gang-rape case: Convictâs lawyer questions the victim's mother about her daughter's whereabouts, faces flak. pic.twitter.com/RpdD1Xqacg

â Hindustan Times (@htTweets) March 20, 2020

And of course, this isn't the first time. He's also been quoted by News-18 saying, "Should I not ask what the girl was doing with the boy so late at night? It is part of the evidence. I wasnât saying they had a brother-sister relationship or they were out to celebrate rakhi. All I said was that they are friends. Now in their society, boyfriend-girlfriend relation must be laudable, but not in the culture I come from."

So, she deserved to get raped because she didn't fit your culture's standards? Or does your culture views being out in public, minding your own business a worse offence than rape and murder?

Oh, the show didn't end there as he had some even worse comments. He had previously said, "If my daughter or sister engaged in pre-marital *** and disgraced herself and allowed herself to lose face and character by doing such things, I would most certainly take this sort of sister or daughter to my farmhouse, and in front of my entire family, I would put petrol on her and set her on fire."

Are you saying that you're okay with murder if you daughter or sister engaged in consensual ***? AP Singh, I hope you know you're a monster. Such regressive thinking is why women are not safe in this country.

Obviously, he got backlash for him comments, but the scary part is that there were a few people actually agreeing with him.

Queue the 'shame' sequence from GoT.

Shame on Ap singh. Just hear his statement. How can he be so inhuman about this case. He is so fucking shameless person after the 6 criminals of nirbhaya case. Being the lawyer of criminals he has also adapted the language of criminals. SHAME ON AP SINGH SHAME #NirbhayaJustice pic.twitter.com/AHhmWQFUNR

â Pranab Raj Kumar (@iAmPranabRaj) March 20, 2020 I guess rape becomes legal at night.

#APSingh is saying that "Ask nirbhaya's mother what she was doing till 11.30?"
Abbey fucking loser time has nothing to do with rape ,women even get raped during the day. And even if a girl is out at night Do men get the freedom to rape her?What bullshit is this #NirbhayaCase

â Tae (@Tae68136336) March 19, 2020 Disgusting.

Heâs a freak why are we giving him a platform.. gross disgusting man https://t.co/OxZPoeBamm

â Sonam K Ahuja (@sonamakapoor) March 20, 2020 I'm scared these kinds of people exist.

Kyu rape 12 baje ke baad legal ho jata hai ? Ya phir 12 baje ke baad âcharacterâ gir jata hai ? Ya so called âcharacterlessâ hone par rape hamare indian âmardoâ ka right ban jata hai?

â Indian (@Bilalah88862561) March 20, 2020 Hmm.

It matters not why she was out, what she was doing or what she was wearing. She had every right to be out and about just like every Indian regardless of gender. Those men should have been bought up better to respect those rights.

â Total Mumbaiite (@Mumbaikaralways) March 20, 2020 Guess who deserves to be punched in the face.

How shamelessly Adv. AP Singh is trying to delay the death warrant of Nirbhaya Case Victim. When asked if Nirbhaya was his own daughter, he shamelessly tells that females of his family are given good upbringing.

Today he again murdered Nirbhaya mercilessly & ruthlessly. Shame. pic.twitter.com/QOCZCIybQT

â Chaitaney Mor (@chaitaney) March 19, 2020 Please.

Dear Police, please book this lawyer for encouraging rape on our daughters outside house post midnight. #APSingh#JusticeForNirbhaya#NirbhayaCase pic.twitter.com/CeXM06UH3x

â Dinks â¡ (@daloveofpeople1) March 19, 2020 Always.

Exact mentality and reasoning as that of the rapists-Obviously, punishment must be served for going against the rules!

Reiterates how they don't give a FLYING. ****. about our safety. Curfews and clothing constraints have always been about exercising control over women. https://t.co/YTXhp09Roo

â Joann Elizabeth Panicker (@joann_panicker) March 20, 2020 Definitely needs to be debarred.

Mankind is appalled at the statement of the defense lawyer AP Singh in Nirbhaya case. He is worse than convicts. His low level mind and thoughts are fully evident and should be debarred. https://t.co/3LDODY4xKD

â Kamya Chaturvedi (@tok2kamya) March 21, 2020 A criminal in disguise.

Like I said before only criminals defend such criminals,he is openly saying he will burn his daughter or sister if they engage in premarital *** which is not even illegal,that was his reason to defend rapists, should he be roaming around freely like this ? https://t.co/pY191xME9k

â Rangoli Chandel (@Rangoli_A) March 20, 2020

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