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Arrested Delhi Man Blames Wife For Not Letting Him Wear A Mask & People Are Like ‘Ab Toh Ye Gaya’



In another episode of 'this happens only in India', a couple was arrested after misbehaving with Delhi Police as they were stopped for not wearing a mask. They have now been booked under sections pertaining to COVID protocol violations and stopping the public servants from letting them do their duty.

However, speaking to media after the arrest, the man wasn't willing to take the blame and blamed his wife for the whole debacle.

The couple who were captured in the video fighting with the police have been identified as Pankaj Dutta and Abha Gupta.

Delhi was under a curfew over the past weekend, now extended for a week due to the dismally rising COVID cases.

According to the police, Dutta and Gupta were pulled over in Central Delhi's Daryaganj around 4:30 pm on Sunday for being in their car without masks. This is a violation of Covid guidelines in the capital where people are required to wear masks even if they are alone in the car.

Check out the video here-

This is hilarious. Man blames quarrelsome wife for refusing to wear mask.. https://t.co/0HMhIQgc9l

— Naomi Datta (@nowme_datta) April 19, 2021

Allegedly, the couple didn't even have the mandatory curfew pass. In the viral video, the couple is seen arguing with the police for being pulled over for not wearing a mask.

The man in the video said, “Can’t you understand I am in a closed car with my wife”, before the wife adds: “bewakoof bana rakha hai corona ke naam pe (they are taking us for a ride in the name of coronavirus)”. 

As soon as the police asks the couple to pay the fine for not wearing masks, the woman in the video calls them 'beggars'. She was with her husband and said she could kiss him if she wanted too. The man was arrested on Sunday and the woman was arrested on Monday. 

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Jasmeet Singh told ThePrint, "The husband and wife refused to wear masks and even misbehaved with police personnel during weekend curfew. They further obstructed the police personnel in the discharge of their duties." 

The couple lives in Delhi's Patel Nagar and during the argument the woman claimed that she had cleared the UPSC Main and that her father is a sub-inspector. DCP Singh said, "We are trying to verify her claims." 

However, the bizarre incident took a turn on Monday when Pankaj blamed his wife for everything that happened on Sunday.  He said, "She doesn’t let me wear masks,” he told the reporter. He also said that they have been fighting over the same thing during the whole ride. 

Here's what people have to say about this- 

Was she audiotioning for some role? The husband’s U turn in the end was the highlight.

— Renuka Vyavahare (@renukaVyavahare) April 19, 2021

Chalo atleast there won't be any kisses in near future! 🤣

— Bahulya Rishi (@BahulyaRishi) April 19, 2021

If he is allowed inside the home that is.

— Piyu (@PBnrg) April 19, 2021

"Wohi toh mai keh raha hu...dimaag lagaane bhi nahi deti na woh"
Hahahah, there's throwing people under the bus, and then there's this!!

— X Æ A-12 Cov-19 (@k0ol1) April 19, 2021

And police is holding hands of that guy Go Corona Go

— dipesh (@beingdon157) April 19, 2021

1. Wearing Mask is compulsory in a public place.
2. High court has ruled that private car on road is a public space.

That is the logic.

— jaydeep desai (@jm_desai) April 20, 2021

He also said, “I always wear masks when she is not around. My wife was provoking me. I haven’t abused police, she did it. I had warned her throughout to wear masks." 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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