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Mi Watch Revolve Active Is One Of The Best Fitness Smartwatches Made For Android Users



The Mi Watch Revolve Active may just be the best smartwatch made for Android smartphones this year and it doesn’t even hurt your bank balance as it only costs Rs 9,999. The latest smartwatch by Mi India comes a few months after the Mi Watch Revolve’s launch focusing more on fitness features and adding new features. The Revolve Active fixes many of the minor problems the previous iteration faced and this time around the company may have found the perfect balance. Here’s what I think about the Mi Watch Revolve Active:


Mi Watch Revolve Active © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla

The Mi Watch Revolve Active doesn’t look much different from the previous iteration as it comes with a round AMOLED touchscreen display and has a sportier look than its predecessor. While I do prefer the more premium design of the Mi Watch Revolve, I’ve grown fond of the Revolve Active’s practical design influences. The Revolve Active has a more matte-type finish as opposed to stainless steel but it doesn’t take away the quality look and feel away from the overall design. 

The smartwatch also comes with two buttons that users can use for navigation, launching apps and workout modes. In fact, the second button is dedicated to launching fitness modes on the fly without having to look for it in the menus. Long pressing the home button also launches Alexa which is a great addition to have if you want to get quick information on the fly. 

Mi Watch Revolve Active © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla

Being a fitness-oriented smartwatch, the Mi Watch Revolve Active is lightweight and comfortable to wear which is not the case with most smartwatches I’ve tested so far. For people who are into customisations, the watch uses a universal lug which means you can swap out the strap with any other compatible strap of your liking. 


Mi Watch Revolve Active © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla

The Mi Watch Revolve Active is packed with features you expect a smartwatch to have. It has a heart rate sensor, step counter and other features such as sleep tracking as well. The smartwatch also tracks energy and stress levels, a relevant feature for people who are currently stuck working at home. Speaking of relevant features, the Revolve Active can also do SpO2 readings which I found to be quite accurate. While I still recommend using an oximeter for SpO2 readings, the Revolve Active is a great device to have to get a good idea about your oxygen levels. There was still a difference of 1-2% when compared to results from an Oximeter however it’s still more accurate than many smartwatches and fitness bands. 

Mi Watch Revolve Active © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla

The Mi Watch Revolve Active also has support for Alexa which you connect via the Xiaomi Wear app. In my testing, the Alexa feature worked quite well. However, it wasn’t as fast as I wanted it to be. The smartwatch still takes a bit of time to process requests, especially if you want to manage your smart home devices. However, it does handle basic commands quite well such as setting alarms, giving weather updates and perform an online search. 

Mi Watch Revolve Active © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla

The Revolve Active syncs with the Xiaomi wear app and in my opinion, is currently the most reliable health app for a smartwatch on Android right now. All of the data tracked by the smartwatch can also be synced with Google fitness and other third-party apps. The app is fairly easy to operate and offers quite a few customisation options as well. For starters, changing watch faces from the app is very easy and fast. The app also offers quite a few watch faces to choose from. Hopefully, Xiaomi adds more options over time but as of now the variety if quite satisfactory. Having said that, the app does not allow users to create their own watch faces at the moment nor let users combine different complications together. We could see an update in the future that might allow users to customise watch faces however as of now you are stuck with what the app has on offers. 

Mi Watch Revolve Active © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla

Finally, the Revolve Active can last up to 14 days on a single charge as it has a 420 mAh battery. It’s been about 8 days since I’ve been using the smartwatch moderately and I’ve only managed to bring the battery charge down to 46%. Having said that, since I’ve been stuck at home, I have not been able to use the GPS tracking feature which usually drains a lot of battery. If you want to conserve even more battery life, I recommend turning off the always-on mode if you don’t need it while working out or sitting at home. 

Fitness Tracking Modes 

The Revolve Active offers a plethora of fitness tracking modes including classic modes such as outdoor running,  walking, indoor running, treadmill, trekking, outdoor and indoor cycling, pool swimming and freestyle workouts. Xiaomi claims the smartwatch can do more than 117 fitness modes with 17 professional sports modes. Obviously, I didn’t get to try all of them however in my experience it did a great job at tracking indoor cycling and elliptical training. 

What I Don’t Like 

The Mi Watch Revolve Active is still not a complete smartwatch as it lacks many essential features such as calling, texting and other features you would find on a premium smartwatch. The watch doesn’t even have a speaker which means you cannot use it for calls. You can only manage calls i.e. accept or reject them which doesn’t really serve the purpose. Similarly, you can’t even reply to texts which makes it a bit inconvenient to use especially when working out. At the moment, you can’t even use third-party apps apart from controlling music playback on Spotify or any other music app. 

The Final Say 

The Mi Watch Revolve Active may just be one of the best fitness smartwatches to get for Android especially since it only costs Rs 9,999 (Rs 8,499 with offers). It has a plethora of choices for workout modes and has incredible battery life that can last up to 14 days. With relevant tracking features such as SpO2, stress and sleep; the Revolve Active is one step away from becoming a full feature smartwatch. If you’ve been looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch for your smartphone, the Revolve Active is a great option to consider right now. 

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