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4 Easy Remedies That Men Can Follow At Home And Control Hair Fall In No Time



Hair fall is a common issue that men face and it is truly a serious concern. Although in some cases, hair fall is genuinely inevitable, if the condition has not worsened, chances are you can still save your hair strands and not face male pattern baldness.

It can be challenging and also tricky but tweaking your habits and adapting to a few remedies can easily give you a fuller head. Armed with handy tips, here's your saviour guide, so you don't lose your luscious strands ever again.

1. Using Essential Oils 

How To Stop Hair Fall Quickly With Home Remedies © Getty Images

Nothing is as terrifying as losing your hair but to let you know, it is never too late. Luckily, applying essential oils can slow down the hair loss process. If you have been experiencing this issue for a while now, try using essential oils and massage your scalp with it. For example, oils like lavender, almond or sesame will be your best bet that will help your follicles stay active and lessen the chances of hair fall. Use it once a week, before you go to sleep. Your scalp will bless you for it!

2. Garlic Or Onion Juice

How To Stop Hair Fall Quickly With Home Remedies © Getty Images

As irksome as this one sounds, in reality, applying juice of highly aromatic home items can easily curb the issue of hair fall, in lesser time. Rub any of these juices on your hair and leave it overnight so your scalp absorbs it all. You will see a noticeable difference when you follow this home remedy regularly.

3. Say No To Hot Showers

How To Stop Hair Fall Quickly With Home Remedies © Getty Images

Yes, undoubtedly, hot showers are relaxing and quite tempting as well but to be honest, it is not favourable for your hair. Irrespective of the season, hot showers can strip off the natural oils from your hair. This is also one of the reasons why there's hair fall. Use lukewarm or cold water as it will lessen the chances of any damage to your hair.

4. Wash Your Hair With Green Tea

How To Stop Hair Fall Quickly With Home Remedies © Getty Images

If you are fretting over the ever-expanding forehead of yours, relying on green tea is another simple way in which you can prevent it. How, you ask? It has various nutrients in it like panthenol and theanine with unique amino acid, that can help your follicles feel stronger.

Make green tea like you would and instead of drinking it, let it cool down and use it for your hair as a rinse. Keep it on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with a regular shampoo. Additionally, it also helps fight dandruff. Sounds easy, right?

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