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Aussie Boy Who Was Bullied Thanks Malayali Actor Guinness Pakru For Support & Wants To Be Like Him



The world can be a very cruel place, sometimes, and can make one believe that words like empathy, kindness and love are not common attributes for many. 

Last month, a video of an 8-year-old boy crying and begging for a knife to kill himself after he was bullied went viral, as it left everyone heartbroken.

Identified as Quaden Bayles, the young Australian kid was bullied for his condition of dwarfism and his mother put out the video as a way of sending a message to people, who need to understand what bullying can do to the innocence of a kid.

A tidal wave of love and support poured in from across the globe for Quaden and in no time, he became an internet star spreading a positive message of how we all need to be there for each other. 

One of the many people extending their support was Malayalam cinema actor Guinness Pakru aka Ajay Kumar, who wrote a long message on social media for Quaden. 

Pakru explained how dwarfism had made him suffer throughout his life, and it only made him come out stronger and fight through it all. In fact, he is an inspiration to many people out there who have a similar condition. His hard work has taken him places and he has done over 50 movies, including some major lead roles. 

Also, he holds the Guinness World Record for being the shortest actor to play a character in a full-length film. âDear kid, just like you, I too have cried once. It was those tears that became fuel for my future journey. When you cry, your mom failsâ, his post read.

Aussie Boy Who Was Bullied Thanks Malayali Actor For Support © Twitter

Eventually, the news reached Quaden and his mom who expressed their gratitude and thanked the actor for his support. Quadenâs mom even shared how her son wanted to meet the actor and wished to become a movie star like him someday. 

"He wants to be an actor too. So it has been a huge inspiration for him. Very very happy to see Mr Kumar, because he inspired Quaden. Quaden wants to be an actor too. And to see other people from a different ethnic background, with dwarfism succeeding is very encouraging and inspiring for him. If they can do it he can do it too," she said.

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