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Barber Woes Due To Self-Isolation? Here Are 5 Simple Tips On How To Trim Your Own Beard



We are pretty sure some of you must've already stocked up on six months worth of groceries among other things that you might need, in case the city goes into lockdown mode amid the Coronavirus outbreak. But in the midst of taking care of all these things, we're sure you must've not given going to the salon a second thought.

And quite understandably so, because there are far too many important things out there that trump this.

And if you can grow out your beard or have been looking to do so, that's great. But if your work-from-home video calls require you to trim your beard and look neat, maybe now is the time to learn how to trim your own beard. 

So, while it might be a little tricky to decide what tools to use or what YouTube tutorials to watch to get it right, you need to start somewhere. Here's how:

1. Keep It Neat

Learn How To Trim Your Own Beard © Istock

A dry, dirty beard not only looks grizzly on the camera but can also be tough to trim. It's best to keep it clean especially before trimming it. 

Firstly, wash with a beard shampoo and not a regular shampoo, this is because the scalp is different from the skin underneath your beard. Then, condition with a beard conditioner to soften it up.

2. Brush It Out

Learn How To Trim Your Own Beard © Istock

After drying-up, take a brush designed for the beard and run it gently against the crop, in order to position the hair upwards. This leaves little room for error and makes it easier to trim the beard.

3. Time For The Trim

Use clippers to trim to your preferred length. (It's best to start with a bigger guard, a precaution that prevents accidentally trimming the beard too short.) 

If you're looking for something simple and short, an even length works well. However, if you're going for something more shapely, a flattering technique involves leaving the growth a little longer around the chin and shorter on the sides of your face. 

A number 3 setting at the temples, but a 4 or 5 setting when you get to the goatee area should work well. You also lookup other beard styles.

4. Trim Moustache

A pair of beard/moustache scissors work just fine for trimming the spiky ends. As for how much should you trim? It's a judgment call that you can take.

5. Define Your Neckline

Learn How To Trim Your Own Beard © Istock

Now comes the trickiest part: trimming the neckline. If you end up trimming too close to the jawline, it will seem like you have a double chin, even if you don't. And if you let it grow too far down your neck, you'll invite comparisons to ferals. 

An easy trick is to mark your Adam's apple as your guiding point. Trim everything below it in a shallow U-shape that looks just about as natural as it can get.

Learn How To Trim Your Own Beard © Istock

The results may not be perfect, but they'll make do in the quarantine. Besides, once you're out and about, you can pride yourself on the fact that you learned one extra skill in your quarantine days.

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