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Nobody Noticed It But Britney’s ‘ Toxic’ Is Actually Inspired From A Famous Hindi Movie Song



Britney Spears manages to remain one of those icons who go down in history for their humongous fan base, huge popularity and insane amount of success, not to forget the kind of influence she managed to have on every teenaged in the 90’s, was unfathomable. One of the biggest hits from this pop icon, which continues enjoying a big space in every playlist is the famous Toxic track whose tune legit ejects you from your place and forces you to just dance.

A song that was released around 11 years ago manages to stay in everyone’s mind till date and keeps coming back with some revamped or remixed version, only to be played louder at a gym or a club. Now how about if we tell you that Toxic has a very non-toxic ‘desi’ connection and that kind of makes this song bigger for us than it already is.  This is not a revelation that we are making from Professor Trelawney’s teacup but in fact SongPsych,  a virtual show hosted by Dev Lemons is where we hear the revelation. It was told that the extremely catchy tune was picked up from the 1981 Bollywood movie, ‘Ek Duuje Ke Liye’. The song, Tere Mere Beech Mein , has a similar tune if you hear carefully.

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The producers for Toxic took the two tunes and made their own version for Britney. Now let's try crooning to both of them.


you see?! Well , now you know!

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