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6 Serial Killers Who Have Massive Fan Following & Dedicated Fan Clubs Despite Their Horrific Crimes



Human beings can be weird, and find some of the most bizarre things vastly interesting. A case in point would be, how some people just love and adore serial killers.

Serial Killers Who Have Massive Fan Following © Reuters

Now, finding serial killers intriguing and fascinating isn’t that big a deal or problematic so to say. However, there are people who actually call themselves fans of certain notorious serial killers. Heck, there are a number of fan groups on Facebook and Instagram, that are dedicated to certain notorious murderers.

Serial Killers Who Have Massive Fan Following © New Statesman

Here are some of the most prominent serial killers who have their own fan-clubs and groupies.

Ted Bundy

Serial Killers Who Have Massive Fan Following © Reuters

Ted Bundy remains to be one of the most sinister serial killers of all times. He also happens to be one of the most charming one, as per his fans. He has had several fan groups over the years, with the most notorious one being called, The Bundyphilles, who actively lobbied for him to be released.

Richard Ramirez

Serial Killers Who Have Massive Fan Following © AFP

Dubbed as the Valley Intruder as well as the Night Stalker, Ramirez had killed over 13 people, and sexually assaulted at least a dozen more, including children. That does not mean that he did not have his share of fans. Most of his fans believed that he was being entrapped because of his Latin-American ancestry. He married one of his fans, Doreen Lioy, while he was awaiting his execution. During their courtship, which began when Ramirez was in prison, Lioy wrote about 75 letters to him.

The Zodiac Killer

Serial Killers Who Have Massive Fan Following © Paramount Pictures

To this day, nobody knows for sure who the Zodiac Killer is. Perhaps that is why the serial killer remains to be one of the most popular urban legends in San Francisco. Jake Gyllenhal & Robert Downey Jr. played journalists in a movie about the serial killer. The Zodiac Killer had a great number of fans who would often call up radio & TV news stations discussing him, and confess their love for him. All this, without even knowing who the person was.

Aileen Wuornos

Serial Killers Who Have Massive Fan Following © AFP

Aileen Wuornos was a *** worker who was arrested and convicted for murdering 7 young boys. Her trial received a lot of media attention, which ultimately painted her as the victim of a series of unfortunate events, which led her to act out. Although she was executed, she left behind a number of fan clubs that are operational to this day.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Serial Killers Who Have Massive Fan Following © AFP

Jeffrey Dahmer, again, was a serial killer who targeted young boys. Many of his murders involved sexual assault, necrophilia, and cannibalism. His appeal, sort of went international. Imagine being a convicted American serial killer with a fan club, based out of Glasgow, named McDahmer’s. Well, that’s what happened with him. Anyway, Dahmer was beaten to death by a prison-mate.

Charles Sobhraj

Serial Killers Who Have Massive Fan Following © BCCL

Finally, there’s Charles Sobhraj. There are several urban legends surrounding the man and his charm, about how he would often entrap his victims with his charm and his ability to smooth talk. Charles had a number of fan clubs in India, Thailand, Nepal, and France, all countries where he was a wanted man. Heck, he even got married to Nihita Biswas the daughter of his lawyer, who, in her own words, was charmed by his personality. At the time of his marriage, he was 64, while she was 21. Go figure.

The bottom line…

As we said, human beings can be very weird. It is actually very interesting to see, why people such as Bundy & Shobhraj become cult personalities and draw people near, almost to the point where their fans start vehemently denying their crimes. Nonetheless, making superstars out of such people isn’t exactly wise.

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