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Interesting Tale Of An Indian Monk Who Renounced His Monkhood & Found Love On A Dating App



“Sometimes you find exactly what you are looking for, when you least expect it”. This is what came to my mind when I happened to stumble upon the life story of Paresh Rawal, a former monk, who got back to living the life of a normal human and got busy with exactly what he renounced in the first place: ghar, grahasti and the likes. 

Paresh decided to take a ‘samadhi’ at a young age of 21, right after he graduated. When students are busy preparing for a postgraduate degree or looking for a job, Paresh had decided to denounce it all and live life like a monk. Sounds a lot like ‘the monk who sold his Ferrari', right?

Interesting Tale Of An Indian Monk Who Renounced His Monkhood © Paresh rawal

According to an interview with Tweak, he explained how it happened and spoke about joining a Vaishnav institute, giving up his social and family life and embracing celibacy.

He stated that the reason he decided to pursue this life and the reason he decided on going back to his old life was the same. He believed that he wanted to grow more spiritually and that could continue even if he was living like any 30-year-old. 

The hurdles were more than just taking care of finances; there were psychological and emotional barriers as well. He mentions how he didn’t even have a PAN card. However, since he was leading the life of a monk for more than a decade, one would assume that resilience and patience would come naturally to him.He went on to pursue a master’s degree in Public policy, and went on to work as a public policy researcher for the Indian government. Also, he is a life-coach with various TedX talks to his credit, where he shares his own understanding of success and the meaning of life.

Since everything was happening, Paresh happened to get on a dating app as well and eventually found the love of his life while swiping right. He met his wife Bernadette on the app and as they say, rest is history.

Img 2

 In a recent interview with NDTV, he explained that it was a conscious decision to get married after having financial stability in his life. Well, this looks like the tale of a monk who might now buy a Ferrari! 

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