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Gordon Ramsay Raved About The Blandest Butter Chicken Ever & Desi People Came Out To Roast Him

The day has come. The day has finally come where people got to roast the man who roasts people on a regular basis online. And, the best part is desi people got to do that. Yes, a Thai chef also did that last year, but this time it's special because it involves butter chicken.

Basically, Gordon Ramsay posted a picture of what I feel like is the worst looking butter chicken I have ever seen. He wrote he was eating the dish at Heathrow and he can't get on a flight before enjoying this first. But, it doesn't look right - or appetizing at all, tbh - and you should know that, Gordon. Take a look yourself. 

Can't get on a flight from Heathrow without enjoying the butter chicken curry at @PlaneFood.... #readyfortakeoff @HeathrowAirport pic.twitter.com/OVsLtluRkl

— Gordon Ramsay (@GordonRamsay) February 18, 2019

Where is the naan, or roti, or something? What is happening?

But, this did give desi people a chance to roast him and honestly, you can't fight a desi person when it comes to something like butter chicken, you just can't. 

It died for nothing!

Not fair to that chicken! #depressed https://t.co/fyyhFmT0GZ

— Anubhav Dev (@Anubhav_Dev_AFC) February 20, 2019


You kidding,right? Worst looking butter chicken plate ever!!

— Vibs (@thisisvibs) February 19, 2019


Ganga bolkar gande naale mei kuda diya be! ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£

— NISHANT (@thehungrytide) February 20, 2019


Looks like an insult to the legendary dish! But, I hope it tastes good.
It looks like the most Un-Indian thing#butterchicken #Foreignversion #firangistyle #Indiansentiments are #hurt ðð#foodrelegious #outfits are looking for Mr. Ramsay for not having naan along with that.. https://t.co/w0ITXLpu5I

— iGoutam (@goutam7986) February 20, 2019

Don't do that, Gordon.

Poor presentation. Rice looks stale. Don't post non veg photos on Tuesday ðð

— Megha Agarwal (@meghaaagarwal) February 19, 2019

An insult to the dish.

ohh! how dare you insult butterchicken by calling this as one of it. ð¤ð¡ Any trainee chef in India can make better butterchicken than this.

— GauravKapoor (@GauravK04859991) February 20, 2019

It's just bad.


— RB2666 (@SundeepBallagan) February 18, 2019

Can't deal.

@GordonRamsay You got Served!ð
I wouldn't eat that if you paid me, what is that paper fan doing on the side?ð https://t.co/xuXyVKeJzm

— Leena Devi (@LDChakraburtty) February 19, 2019

Some non-desi people also joined in to make fun of it.

that rice looks like i could throw it at a wall and it would bounce back

— Tamara Rara (@Tamara_ra_ra_ra) February 18, 2019


I watch your #KitchenNightmares and without a doubt if you was served that you would throw the 'green rubbish' off the plate ðð»

— Christopher Logan (@CLCourtney82) February 18, 2019

It's really not.

Desi People Roast Gordon Ramsay After His Post About Butter Chicken

That just doesn't work.

Desi People Roast Gordon Ramsay After His Post About Butter Chicken

Yeah, bro, smh.

Desi People Roast Gordon Ramsay After His Post About Butter Chicken

It's papad btw.

Desi People Roast Gordon Ramsay After His Post About Butter Chicken

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