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7 Ways To Feel Fresh All Day Long In Summer, #1 Will Help One Survive Being Homebound Better



Let’s admit it, summer is not always about bright sunshine and all things nice.

Summer's about sweltering heat and sticky humidity that will have you desperate for a shower every hour! Even though we are almost homebound again, thanks to the second COVID wave, there is no getting away with sweating, and oily skin.

Not to mention the stale feeling that sweaty underarms and damp genitals caused by long sitting hours bring along with it. So, how does one feel fresh when it’s blistering hot outside?

Here are 7 ways to keep the oil and sweat to a minimum, and stay feeling fresh, all day long.

1. Take Shower Twice A Day

The second wave of COVID-19 has once again brought the nation to a standstill, so much so that the negativity often gets the better of you. In such times, showering twice a day will not only clean the grease and grime off your body but also affects the serotonin levels that help improve mental acuity and enhances mood. 

Opt for a natural shower gel that will make you feel fresh, energised and affects your feel good factor. Step out of the shower feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. 


2. Use Loofah

While you are at it, use a loofah to exfoliate your skin and keep it looking young and healthy. A loofah helps you get rid of dead skin cells and better aids in cleansing the grease off your body.

Invest in something like an all-natural loofah sponge made from the roots of vetiver grass (khus) to remove off the dead skin and smoothen your body naturally. The roots of the vetiver grass contain essential oils that make your scrubber give you a long-lasting aroma.


3. Use A Non-Sticky Moisturiser

People have this false notion that your skin doesn’t need moisturising in summer since it already secretes enough oil. But, the fact is that your skin needs hydration all year round to be healthy and resilient, just invest in a non-sticky option.  

Seal in the moisture, right after you step out of the shower. Since, you are already staying indoors, opt for an option with an SPF 15, so you needn’t necessarily apply sunscreen. 

Consider this vanilla clay and jojoba oil hydrating yet non-sticky formula to give the TLC that your face and body needs to feel fresh and smell great.


4. Keep Your Genitals And Armpits Clean

While trimming your pubic and armpit hair is a personal preference, it is best to keep these parts dry in summer to avoid any infection or keep from foul smell. And that becomes both challenging and irritating considering the soaring temperature and long sitting work from home hours.

Best would be to buy an intimate wash to keep your privates clean or if you are into manscaping, ensure you do it right. Invest in this curated beard trimmer and razor kit and you should be sorted.

Pro tip: Always trim first, and then shave. And no dry shaving.


5. Invest In A Natural Deodorant 

A deodorant and deo stick is excellent for men looking for a completely natural way to smell fresh and stay cool all day long. While a deo stick prevents excessive sweating, a deodorant ensures you smell good all day long.

Consider this natural deodorant in musk flavour that contains only natural essential oils to give a subtle and classy fragrance. It contains a combination of odour-fighting ingredients to provide 24-hour odour protection to help keep you feeling fresh.


6. Keep Wet Wipes Handy

The easiest and quickest way to feel fresh, almost like taking a bird bath, is by using a good wet wipe. Whether it is the oil build-up on the face, or trapped sweat in the underarms, genitals and feet, keeping wet wipes handy is a mess-free way to keep your body clean.   


7. Wear The Right Underwear

Lastly, an imperative way to feel fresh during summer is by wearing the right underwear that is comfortable and absorbs moisture. 

Think fabrics that are odour neutralizing like Deo Mesh. Ditch your cotton underpants for a fabric that cancels odour, ensures a snug fit and doesn’t let bacteria grow. A summer staple to keep feeling fresh, we suggest!


The Bottomline

Just follow these tips, drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, and wear loose fitting clothes to power through summer 2021 without letting the heat or quarantine 2.0 beat you down.

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